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The Chromebook Classroom

No description

John Word

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Chromebook Classroom

The Chromebook Classroom
Transitioning to the World of
More Great Apps
Benefits for the Student
Benefits for the Teacher
A Good Chromebook Lesson...
(not necessarily all at once)
“(Learning the content) is very much the 20th century idea around education. But in the 21st century, it’s learning the tools and the skills of remaking that content and becoming the creator and the producer. We know that the learning outside of school matters tremendously for the learning in school…How can we be more active about linking those two together?”

Diana Roten, Director of the Digital Media and Learning Project

Chromebook Classroom
Google Drive
Enter grades once
Student automatically sees score and comments
Grades are organized into a spreadsheet for data analysis
Scores are exported to PowerSchool grade book
(with a few extra clicks)
Platform in which students work and organize their work
Used by teacher to create and share documents with students
For grading and providing feedback on digital student work
"Digital Photocopier"
3 Common Uses:
1 document per student
1 differentiated document per student
1 shared document per group for amazing collaboration
Student Collaboration
Rigorous Activities
Making Learning Fun
Blended Learning
Additional Resources
Easy Formative Assessment
My Classroom Routine:
30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in the Classroom
Google Forms
Convenient Setup, Automated grading
What Students Do
What the Teacher Can Do
This is done using a script called Flubaroo...
Collaboration is easier for students
Feedback and monitoring is easier for teachers
Using Doctopus, a copy of the blank project document is made for and shared with each group
What Students Do...
What Teachers Do...
Access to the World Wide Web every day in your class!
No paper to lug around!
Much less time at the copier!
Saves time: Many tasks become automated.
Easier access to data.
Makes student-centered learning more manageable.
Let's us get to the "good stuff!"
Keeps students accountable.
Notes are digital: no way they can be lost or "in my locker."
Students like to use technology.
Monitor progress of research live...
Students go to their pickup folder.
Students open the instructions for the day.
Students work on "bell-ringers" if there is one.
We discuss the learning targets for the day.
Students find the document for the day's activity in "Shared with Me"
Students work in the document.
Students complete an exit "ticket" if there is one.
Note: The Chromebooks aren't used all day every day!
Docs has fewer editing capabilities, but
collaboration is substantially easier.
Wonderful medium for student projects
Very user-friendly
Everything is saved automatically and is accessible from any computer or device with an Internet connection (Password-protected).
Sharing a document with somebody allows them to see it, watch edits be made live, and even edit it themselves (you choose).
Acquire 21st Century Skills they need to succeed.
Easier collaboration with peers.
Can never lose their digital work/notes.
Have access to their digital work/notes from any device with an Internet connection.
Let's them learn with the tools prevalent in their lives.
Harnesses the power of the Chromebook to improve the educational experience.
i.e. is not done simply in order to use the Chromebooks
Gives students an opportunity to collaborate with each other.
Allows students the opportunity to develop their own understanding of the concepts at hand.
Provides scaffolding and assistance to students that need more help.
or to all students in student-centered learning.
A Different Way of Thinking
by Dave Budas (McCord)
Sylvania Schools Digital Learning Initiative Website
Coming Soon!
Google Docs Explained
Google Docs, Presentation, Sheets
Tutorials Support
Doctopus Setup and Explanation
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