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Arrrggg You Ready to Be a Teacher?

No description

Cayton Collins

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Arrrggg You Ready to Be a Teacher?

Arrrggg You Ready to Be a Teacher? Long-Range Lagoon Short-Range Swamp Planning Assessment Plateau High Expectations Hills Professionalism Pond Instructional Strategies Island Promoting Learning Peninsula Student Learning Lake Behavior Bay Content Cove math Reflection River 2nd grade South Carolina standards description of students materials and resources assessment learning and
goals rules for student behavior non-instructional activities communication with parents schedule for covering chapters 6-11 aps 1 aps 2 government unit five plans aps 3 pre- and post-assessment government unit 10 questions multiple choice DRA levels guided reading TEAM time pre- and post-assessment Think Central aps 4 daily communication
with parents Grant, Caleb, Jesse reiterated expectations increase accountability aps 5 wide variety group work partner activities SmartBoard manipulatives aps 6 election for the mayor
of "Piggy Town" created campaign slogans
and platforms real-life experiences made up candidates voted on ballots
in voting booths aps 7 mad minute double digit
subtraction aps 8 homework cards daily stamps signed by parents aps 9 behavior
system "growing good behavior" bees moved to petals each student has a bee notes on homework card bad note aps 10 grade level,
team, and
faculty meetings exemplary writing
work night math planning sessions interactions with parents parent-teacher
conferences 504 meetings class parties
field trips The real treasure of my student teaching
experience was... the students!
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