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Canadian History-20th Century

Outstanding Canadian Achievements

Mariama Abdi

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Canadian History-20th Century

Canadian Achievements 20th Century 1914-1919 Vimy Ridge Vimy Ridge is indeed one of the greatest achievements.Winning this battle at first seemed impossible because Canadians thought it would be difficult facing experienced German forces on an easy defendable ridge.
It is because of General Arthur Currie that the battle of Vimy Ridge was a tremendous success.Curries methods for preparing for the battle and his new approach that relied on the co-ordination of all personnel are the true reasons to this battles victory.
When the battle actually began, the Canadians moved at an extremely slow pace while mortar shells were bombed right ahead so the Germans could not proceed. Ultimately it was with this strategy called the Creeping Barrage, that led Canadians to overtake most of Vimy Ridge.
The battle of Vimy Ridge is a great Canadian achievement because if we look at the past battles such as the battle of Somme,Second battle of Ypres, and the battle of Passchendaele, we would find thatCanadians suffered greatly losing over 500,000 men or more. This battle is so important because it gave our nation an identity and national pride.
1920-1929 Frederick Banting Frederick Banting was a Canadian medical scientist who graduated from the University of Toronto. He was the co-reciepient of the Nobel prize along with Jon James Rickard. He has changed the lives of many with his discovery of insulin.
His success to his discovery began with his deep interst in diabetes after reading a medical paper on the pancreas. It was after working with a group of other doctors and scientists that the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, the hormone responsible for converting sugar into energy.
This man is without a doubt a great Canadian for the reason that he brought hope to diabetics not just in Canada but all over the world. He made his mark in medical history by discovering insulin and beautifully representing Canada as a innovative country.

1946-1959 Asbestos Strike The Asbestos Strike of 1941 began when workers in the Johns-Mansville demanded that the dust in the processing plant be cleaned up.They Also asked for a higher rate for overtime work and all workers went on strike. But what made this strike unique was the support of the Catholic Church.
What makes this an achievement in Canadian history is that it was one of the biggest quests for social justice on a national level and it also marked the rise in the Quebec culture in which we see the rise of Quebec nationalism and Francophone culture.

Prohibition 1960-1967 Tommy Douglas Tommy Douglas was a Scottish born Baptist who later turned out to be one of the most important social democratic politicians.
At a very young age he became interested in social reform. At the age of ten Douglas had to do an operation on his leg but his family was in a difficult situation concerning money. It was then that he realized the hardships the less fortunate went through.
He became involved with the CCf and quickly became Premier of Saskatchewan. During his time as a leader, he passed the Saskatchewan bill of rights,introduced the first program that allowed hospital care for all citizens, and he evenintroduced a legislation that allowed the unionization of the public services.
This man is achieved respect and left a legacy making him one of the greatest Canadian achievements because it is through his initiation that Medicare a reality for the whole nation meaning Canadian citizens no lnger had to pay for healthcare.

1968-1999 The Canadian Constitution The Canadian Constitution was first outlined in 1864 but came into effect on July 1,1867 as the British North America Act. This Act laid out the different sects of government in in Canada and the division of the provincial powers.
At first Canada had no power when it came to changing the constitution,in fact only the British Parliament could change or pass it.
It was Pierre Trudeau who initiated that Canada have a right to amend the Constitution. In 1981, after much debate the Constitution was patriated from Britian.
This is is one of the biggest and greatest accompishments of Canada because in it is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms gaurantees the rights and freedoms to the citizens of Canada such as the freedom of religion and conscience and the freedom of thought , belief, opinion and expression. It is because of this Constitution that Canada has developed its identity as a multicultural and bilingual nation. This constituiton is what led to the acceptance of diversity and tolerance for others. Proof of the constitution's importance is Canada day which is on the 1st of July every year. 1939-1945 Founding of the UN
&Lester B. Pearson With the failure of the First League of Nations that was formed after World War 1, many nations still thought there should be a similar organization to that of the first one. With over 50 countries joined, it is in April 1945 that the United Nations was officially formed.
Lester B. Pearson, one of the later Prime Ministers of Canada, is considered one of the most influential people in Canada in the twentieth century.
With Russia threatning to take Eqypt side because of confusion of the suez canal and who rightfully owned it. What Pearson did was he proposed the formation of the troops other wise known as the United Nations Emergency Force which would take positions in different parts of the country and try to enforce peace.
This is a great accomplishment for Canada because we made it known to the world that Canada is a peaceful and peacekeeping nation,and that we want that for every country in the world. This was indeed an accomplishment because the UNEF succesfully ceased the progression of the dispute and Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1930-1938 It was during the 1890's that the prohibition law actually came to be, and the actual law isn't why this is a great Canadian achievement. The intention of this law was to produce a clean and better society. This was believed to be a type of "social engineering".
It was in the 1920's that the citizens of Canada decided that enough was enough because they had tired of the prohibition law and rebeled against the government.
The citizens had finally overturned the government by leading them to allow the sale of alcohol.
Why this is a great achievement in Canada is that the disabling of this law showed that the people had a voice. In other words, this event is one of the big reasons that Canada holds a strong democratic society making this event very important as democracy is one of the aspects that defines Canada.

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