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Paulina O'Neill

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of NWMP and RCMP

RCMP North West Mounted Police Created by the government in 1873
Red uniforms were worn to distinguish themselves from the Americans who wore blue uniforms
The NWMP built forts throughout western Canada The "Indian Wars" were a series of conflicts between the US and First Nations in the US west
NWMP prevented the conflict from spreading into Canada by controlling the whiskey trade and building relationships with the First Nations people The Royal Canadian Mounted
Police Name changed from NWMP to RCMP in 1920
Largest police force in Canada with 26,000 employees Employees Today Employees must successfully finish timed physical assignments
Women have been able to become part of the force since 1975
Baltej Singh Dhillon became part of the force in 1990 and for religious reasons he needed to wear a turban
In 1990 the RCMP uniform was changed to allow employees to wear a turban as part of the uniform instead of a stetson
For the first time a First Nations troop was created in 1991 NWMP The NWMP in comparison to the RCMP How has the police force changed over time? Whiskey Trade NWMP needed to prevent illegal whiskey trade
Alcohol caused mischievous behaviour and violence in the West
Caused alcohol addiction for First Nations people who had never been exposed to alcohol before Promises to the Blackfoot NWMP promised to the Blackfoot they would end crime in the wild West
They promised to treat everyone, both Europeans and First Nations, equally before the law Preventing "Indian Wars" Employee Requirements Enforces federal laws throughout the country
The RCMP currently tries to control organized crime, terrorism, illegal drugs, and anything related to border patrol
RCMP also enforces provincial laws throughout Canada except for Ontario and Quebec Everyday uniform is dark blue and white, the traditional red uniform is used for ceremonies Strong, healthy men
Needed to ride horses well
Needed to meet a height and weight requirement
Literate in English or French
Must follow the dress code
Women assisted with female offenders and clerical jobs Why was the NWMP needed in Western Canada? Why is the RCMP needed today? How are the NWMP and RCMP similar?
How have they changed? NWMP 1. Re-named in 1920 1. They stopped crime 2. Protecting the nation 3. They both wore uniforms 4. Treat people equally before
the law. 5. Has been part of Canadian
history until today 1. Created in 1873 2. Red uniforms 3. They built forts in the
west 4. Had to meet a certain
height and weight 5. No accommodations for
the uniform. 6. Women and First Nations
not allowed. RCMP 2. Dark blue and white uniforms 3. Largest Canadian force 4. First Nations joined in 1991. 5. Women joined in 1975 6. Finish timed physical tasks. 7. Turbans allowed to be worn as part of the uniform in 1990
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