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Early American Baseball

No description

Elliott Delape

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Early American Baseball

Early American Baseball
Elliott Delape
Gentlemen`s Agreement
This agreements banned Non-White baseball players from the league
First African American Baseball Players
A common misconseption is that Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player.

The first Black Baseball Players were actually Moses Fleetwood Walker and his brother Welday Walker
First Organization to govern the sport of Baseball
First organized baseball team.

Played under Knickerbockers rule.
First professional Baseball Organization
Established in 1857
Clubs now had the ability to enforce player contracts
Still used today
The Dead Ball Era
This era of baseball was from low scoring games because the league was dominated by legendary pitchers such as Cy Young and Christy Mathewson.
Salaries and Trades
Each player was paid the same amount before the start of the major league.

Players could not be traded or switch to different clubs to either make more money or just to play for the better team.
NABBP= National Association of Base Ball Players
New National Agreement
Created a World Series or in other words a championship.

First team to win the World Series was Boston from the American League (Red Sox)
Fun Fact The Merkle Boner
On September 23, 1908, the New York Giants and Chicago Cubs played a game in the Polo Grounds. 19 year old rookie Fred Merkle (Giants) was on first base with another teamate on third. 2 outs bottom of the ninth tied, Al Bridwell hits a single. Man on third scores to win the game. Merkle runs into the lockeroom to escape the mob of fans and players soon to come without touching second base. Cubs second baseman, Johnny Evers, Noticed this. Evers picks up the ball and touches second base forcing Merkle out. League demanded the game to be replayed. Which counts as a tie for Giants and Cubs. Game is replayed and the Cubs win causing them to win the Pennant and the World series. Last Record for the Cubs to win the world series since.
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