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No description

Pil Munk Carlsen

on 21 November 2017

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Transcript of Atlantis

What is Atlantis
Souvenir shops
In the souvenir shop can you buy a lot of things about the greek mythology and Atlantis, e.g can you buy a statue of the greek gods. Atlantis stuff is e.g a key ring with a little island inside. There is also a lot of other stuff of course. Read more about it on our website www.Atlantis.souvenir.org
thursday, November 14, 2017
Dive in Atlantis
Try to dive in Atlantis, it is a exsperience you never forget. It is really the time worth. First you gonna have a guide with you and after that you can try on you own to find new things, of course if you want.
If you want to try it.
Can you get the info on this number.
Tel. 70 24 12 07
Atlantis is a city under water, it took only 24 hours to sink. There is a myth about Atlantis, the myth says that the god Zeus heard that Atlantis would conquer Hella's. So the greek gods, were sinking them.
Come and buy me:)
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