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Components of an ICT system

No description

Jake Allen

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Components of an ICT system

Components of an ICT System An ICT System is something that
has an Input, Process
and an Output Hardware Software People Procedures Data Information Is all the physical components
that make up a ICT System.
They include keyboards, moitors, mouse and harddrives. Is all the programmes that make
up an ICT system and the data
held within it. Software is
required to interface between the
hardware and the humans
ICT systems.
There are 3 types of software The most important part of an IT
system and without them there
would be no point having a system.
Systems are used for people and
by people, and people specify
what is required and use the
information output from a system. Procedures are used in the
collection and input of data
and ensure that the output of
the data makes sense. They
control the manipulation and
distribution of the data.
Procedures are specific to
each ICT system Data is the raw facts and figures
collected from specific sources, or
is created using a procedure and is
then coded and structured Is data presented in a user friendly
way. It can be presented in many
different ways such as text, audi
or video There are 6 components of an ICT System
-Information Teachers will input whether
the student is present or
not in each lesson Input The information is saved and stored in a
database. An average percentage
attendance record would be made Process Registers for fire drills are
printed, it is visually presented for
reference and for teachers to see
if you where here for the
rest of the lessons Output Input, Process,
Output Diagram Examples of Systems Cash Machine
Cash Register
School Attendance Register
Train Ticket Machine
Shop Stock
Medical Records
Automatic Warehouse System System Software
Application Software
Communication Software Characteristics of Different Users Expierience
Environment of Use
Tasks to be Undertaken
Physical Characteristics
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