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islam project

No description

Evan Haley

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of islam project

How islam spread
islam spread in many ways.
life of Muhammad
Muhammad was born in 570 c.e.
Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel when he was 40 years old.
This started the Qur'an.

Muhammad was kicked out of mecca in 622. He returned in 630 and took mecca peacefully.
Muhammad died in 632.

Islam spread by traders that told others about what they believe. They also had missionaries.
When the empire captured a city they would tax non muslims. Some would say they are muslims. Some convted shortly after.
These two sects never agreed and have been at war since these two sects were created. They are still at disagreement today.
Shi'ites and sunnies.
There were two sects of islam, the Shi'ites and Sunnies.
islam project
By:Evan Haley and Jace king

In a muslims life they were to follow the 5 pillars which were:charity, fasting, prayer pilgrimage, and testimony.
Muslims have many sacred items and places. her are the most sacred places/ items: Qur’an,
Sunna, Mosque, Allah, Hijrah & Ka’aba.
Islam and other monotheistic religions.
Muslims,christian, and jews are all simular faiths. Muslims are friends of christians and jews.
Each muslim must travel to mecca or the hajj if they are physically able or financially able. This is one of the five pillars.
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