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Social studies

No description

Alena Gordeeva

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Social studies

Social studies
Then Germany renewed it's Blitzkrieg. It started attacking Denmark and Norwayy in April 1940. It was an extremely successful plan that used surprise, speed, and massive power to quickly overwhelm the enemy. Germans used tanks, also known as "German Panzers", to crash through enemy lines. Soldiers would parachute into enemy's territory from the skies, destroying transportation and communication links. Due to the Blitzkrieg tactic, Germany quickly conquered Denmark and Norway, and right afterwards attacked the Neterlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.
Evacuation of Dankirk
Just after a few days of launchung an attack on France through Belgium, German panzers reached the french Port of Dunkirk. where 400000 allied soldiers were trapped.
If the Allied troops surrendered, Britan would have lost the war for losing so many of it's soldiers. They had to find a way to escape before the Germans captured the town.
England started to round up every boat capable of navigating the English channel to rescue it's soldiers. It took a couple of days for England to evacuate the Port of Dunkirk successfully.
They wereable to save 30000 Men.
Battle of Britan
*Hitler launched "Operation Sea Lion" to invade Britain.
*The Royal Forc had to be defeated for the winning.
*The Luftware started bombing harbours and shipping facilities in southern England to destroy them.
*German planes bombed several places in London. (While they were bombing London, RAF was bombing Berlin in Germany).
*Because of the bombing in Berlin, Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to bomb cities in Britain, including London- these raids were called "the Blitz"
Axis Advances
with the declration of war in September 1939 the Allies ( Britan, France, and commonwealth countries) started prepearing for the war by orgnizing their forses. The Axis were: Germany,Italy, and Japan. Allied troops were immediately stationed along France's border with Gmany. However, for 7 months from 1939 to April 1940 nobody made any moves. This period became known as the "Phoney war".
Germany couldn't defeat the Britain because of the following reasons:
1)The Britain had a very advanced radar system, which warned them of German's air raids.
2)Two Britain's fighter planes, Spitfires and Hurricanes, were very effective.
3)The Britain reinforced that commonwhealth countries, including Canad, were helping them.
In September 1940, Hitler gave up on invasion of Britain, However, during the Battle of Britain, more than 23,000 people died.
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