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The Little Mermaid

No description

Allison Mays

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
By Allison Mays
Period 2
The exposition of a story is the introduction of the conflict.

The exposition of The Little Mermaid is that Ariel wants to see land, so she goes to the evil sea witch, Ursula.
Rising Action
The rising action is the action before the climax.

First, Ursula takes away Ariel's voice and gives her legs. Then, she goes to the land and meets Prince Eric. He takes her to his castle where she learns proper ediquite.
Falling Action
The falling action is the action after the climax.

The falling action in The Little Mermaid is that Ariel and Prince Eric get married and everyone lives happily ever after.
Rising Action Part 2
Prince Eric doesn't know that Ariel only has three days to find true loves kiss until Ursula turns Ariel into a poor unfortunate soul. While this is going on Ursula, being the evil sea witch she is, she uses Ariel's voice, so Prince Eric wouldn't fall in love with Ariel.
The climax is the the turning point, point of highest suspense.

The climax of The Little Mermaid is when all the animals attack Ursula on the ship where her and Prince Eric were getting married. Ursula takes the crown and turns into a giant sea witch. In the end, they kill Ursula.
The Little Mermaid
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