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Southeast Asia


Madalyn Pousson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia indonesia Culture traditional Indonesian houses stand on stilts.
The space underneath is used for storage or farm animal shelter Religion 85 percent of the
Indonesian people
are Muslims, and
about 10 percent
are Christians Muslim women gather
for outdoor prayers Government The Indonesian government
is based on a set of
beliefs known as Pancasila. The president is chief
of state, head of the
government, and
commander of the
armed forces Food The main food of Indonesians is rice,The most commonly eaten meats are water buffalo, beef, and chicken. Many city people eat Chinese, American, and European dishes as well as Indonesian foods.
School almost all Indonesian children attend primary school, about half attend intermediate school, and nearly one-third go to high school. Children are required
by law to go to
school for nine years,
beginning by age 7. Fashion The traditional clothing of Indonesian men and women is a colorful skirt called a sarong or a kain Entertainment Eventhough cockfighting
is outlawed, it is a very
popular source of
entertainment indonesians also enjoy badmitton and soccer. they bike ride, swim, and play tennis and volleyball Currency Indonesian rupiah is the form of currency used in indonesia vietnam Culture Most Vietnamese live in small villages in the countryside. Most are farmers who center their lives around their crops, especially rice the cities of Vietnam are densely packed and have major housing shortages Religion Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, or Taoism is practiced by most vietnamese. Vietnam has a small number of muslims and christians Government Vietnam is a socialist nation. The communist party is the leading force in the state and society. Food The national dish of Vietnam is a noodle soup called pho. A fish sauce called nuoc mam is used as a seasoning in many dishes. School Children ages 6 through 10 are required to attend school. Nearly all Vietnamese 15 years of age or older can read and write. Fashion Entertainment Currency The Vietnamese typically wear lightweight clothing. many girls and women wear the traditional ao dai, a long tunic worn with loose-fitting pants. Vietnamese engage in lively games of soccer. Competitions involving judo and the martial arts of tae kwon do and kung fu are also popular. the currency used in vietnam is the dong thailand Culture Religion Government Food School Fashion Entertainment Currency philippines malaysia Culture Culture Religion Religion Government Government Food Food School School Fashion Fashion Entertainment Entertainment Currency Currency Thailand's people live in rural areas, mainly in small villages About 95 percent of the Thai people are Buddhists. many Thai men become monks for at least a short time, from about one week to several months. The Temple of the Emerald Buddhais one of hundreds of colorful Buddhist temples in Bangkok. thailand is a constitutional monarchy. the constitution limits the power of the king or queen Thai people eat rice with almost every meal. Noodles are also popular, especially for lunches.
The government provides free public elementary and secondary education Almost all of Thailand's adult population can read and write. Today, most Thai wear the same clothing styles worn in Europe and North America. Some people wear clothing decorated with traditional Hmong or Karen embroidery. In the game takraw, the players try to keep a ball made of rattan (woven palm stems) in the air by using their head, legs, and feet. national sport is Muay Thai (Thai boxing) Thailand's form of currency is the baht Large numbers of people have jobs in the fishing, lumbering, and mining industries. Most Filipinos have large families and maintain a close relationship with all family members The Philippine Constitution guarantees freedom of worship. About 95 percent of the people are Christians the government in the philippines is a republic the president of the philippines is Gloria Macapagal-arroyo Most Filipinos eat rice at every meal, with beef, fish, or poultry, if they can afford meat. One popular dish, called adobo, consists of chicken and pork cooked in soy sauce and vinegar. About 90 percent of Philippine adults can read and write. The law requires children from 7 to 12 years old to go to school through at least the sixth grade On holidays and other special occasions, Philippine men wear a barong tagalog, a beautifully embroidered shirt made of pineapple fiber, raw silk, or cotton. Most Filipinos wear clothes similar to those worn in most Western countries. On special occasions, women may wear a long, puff-sleeved dress called a balintawak. Basketball is played at both amateur and professional levels and is considered to be the most popular sport in the Philippines. Motocross, cycling, and mountaineering are also becoming popular the form of currency is the Philippine peso. Three groups of people have lived on the Malay Peninsula since prehistoric times: the Orang Asli, the Orang Laut, and the Malays, Today, the Malays make up more than half the country's population.
Malaysia has considerable religious diversity and widespread religious toleration. Islam is the official religion of the state A prime minister and a parliament run the federal government. Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The country is divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories. Rice is the mainstay of the Malaysian diet, supplemented by vegetables, fish, and meat, mutton, or chicken. Two principal ingredients in many Malay dishes are coconut milk and hot chilies. Pencak silat, the martial art of the Malays, has become part of Malaysian national culture. Other popular sports in Malaysia are soccer and badminton Primary and secondary education are free. Children start school at 6 years old. most Malaysians wear clothing similar to that worn in North America and Europe. men and women may don traditional Malay dress the form of money in malaysia is the ringgit
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