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Rebecca Henderson

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of NCTE

iPlan, iPresent, iPower an iPilot After Hours and Hours of PD: and hundreds of apps... Ross Kincaid Math Science obviously Kolleen Hyrb Amy Rutledge Matt Shaltry Chrissy Brown Julie Hellerstein Janelle Ehninger Andy Klosky did the real "adventure" begin.... 5 disciplines: Rebecca Henderson
AYA: Language Arts Presenters: Sean Kaiser
Network Administrator With a dedicated tech team Social
Studies Spanish Rebecca
Henderson and English Only after... Including Sean Kaiser,
Northmont Network Administrator, who worked with: JAMF/Apple Set Up And Distribution to manage and streamline 9 Teachers, pulled it off! including more than 12 team meetings, a lot of trial and error, The Apps Productivity: -Productivity Students use Note Taker HD
all day long Note Taker HD CloudOn Google Drive DropBox -Activity -Creativity Activity: Easy Bib Socrative Mental Socrative AKA: Mental Case Class Creativity: FMM Scribble Press Cool Faces Comic Book My Brushes Pro iMovie ToonTastic Educreations http://ebooks.scribblepress.com/read.php?g=29WQBB6N&p=0 Screenshot taken with iPad Camera Neighborhood map via MyBrushes Pro http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/non-fiction-book-project/2462278/?s=pv1x6Q&ref=appemail RHenderson@northmontschools.net SKaiser@northmontschools.net Additional Benefits: Increased Student Contact Increased Student Participation Missing class, assignment clarification, app recommendations, etc. No more "forgotten" assignments, "missing" assignments, or "I didn't understand it" assignments. **Students in the iPad pilot contact their teachers 5 times as often as non iPad students. **Teachers are receiving 25-35% more homework from students participating in the iPad pilot. Additional Apps: http://www.educreations.com/lesson/view/new-and-improved/2324562/?s=oyBluD&ref=appemail Students
Said: "I love this iPad because it reminds me of a
fancy textbook!! It is able to search the web for
help on work, find apps to make projects easier
and more creative. " -Lexis "I love my iPad for school because I don't have to carry heavy textbooks, and I don't have to cram a ton of books into my locker. " -Allison "I like using the iPad because when I have to go to my siblings' soccer games, I don't have to take my whole bookbag with me. All I need is on the iPad." -Emma "I like the iPad because before I had it, I would always forget to do my homework. But now, I can just use the reminders app, and I see it all the time because I use it when I'm at home. For the first time since about 4th grade, I'm getting all of my work done." -Austin "I like the iPad because you can stay organized better without worrying about papers to lose; they are all right here. I also like it because it's light in my bookbag, so I don't have to carry heavy books or worry about forgetting a book in my locker. Also, the iPad has good resources for me to use that are quick and easy because they are right at my fingertips." -Zoe "The iPad helps keep me interested in class by combining school with technology.

The iPad helps school work get done faster and more efficiently.

I feel like with an iPad it's easier to stay connected to teachers so you can get absent work quickly etc." -Terrel "iPad makes school more fun." -Joey ? Any Questions: From cover to cover...to cover, to cover... ...to kids. And NoteTaker HD
gives them the ablility
to organize it all into
folders. It's essentially
an e-Notebook. FREE Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free including insurance and repairs You don't have to be the expert!
-Students enjoy teaching the
teacher new stuff, especially
tech stuff. It didn't happen in one day!
-Pilot teachers worked with apps and planned the roll out of the pilot for an entire school year. What's next?
-We have no idea.
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