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Prezi on Genetics for Freshman in High School

Kyle Lownds

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Genetics

Unit 3 Heredity These are prefixes and suffixes that are used often in heredity. Word Meanings One Mono: Two Di: Combination of two or more different things. Hybrid: Type of genes an organism has -zygous Pheno: physical appearance
Geno: genetic appearance Pheno- and Geno- Mono Hybrid: One Combination

Dihybrid: Two Combinations What is genetics?
-branch of biology that studies heredity Genetics What is heredity?
-The passing on of characteristics from parents to offspring through GAMETES -Characteristics that are inherited from the chromosomes you receive from each parent Traits: What are they and where are they found? Gregor Mendel: -19th century Austrian Christian Monk
-Worked with pea plants to see how traits were passed from generation to generation.
-His research is the basis for our modern day
notion of heredity. 1 trait that differs between parents
Offspring will have a combination of traits from the parents.
Example: Height=One parent tall and One parent short
Monohybrid = 1 trait that differs Monhybrid Crosses Alleles: What are they? -Different forms of the same gene (trait)
[Ex. Gene for height= H/h]
-You have Two alleles for each trait
(1 from mother/ 1 from father)
-3 different allele combinations can be possible: HH hh Hh Monohybrid Set-up: H h H h Trait that shows up and will hide the recessive allele
Examples: HH & Hh = Tall Dominant: Recessive: -Trait that can be hidden by the
dominant allele
-Must have two recessive allele to show
recessive trait
Examples: hh = short Phenotype: What the organism looks like The allele combination of an organism: HH, Hh, or hh
Homozygous Dominant: Two dominant alleles: HH
Heterozygous: 1 dominant and 1 recessive allele: Hh
Homozygous Recessive: Two recessive alleles: hh

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