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VATE SRD - Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging

No description

Michael Horne

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of VATE SRD - Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging

Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging Overview Overview of Section B
What are the assessors looking for?
Ideas about Identity and Belonging in each text
Ideas for writing You must write your Context and the title of one text you have studied in the Section B part of the answer book

Your response may be an expository, persuasive or imaginative piece of writing

You must not write on two films in the exam Writing Ideas Prompt How identity is shaped

The relationship between identity and a sense of belonging

The relationship between sport and identity

How and why identity changes Sometimes Gladness Bruce Dawe How we see ourselves

The relationship between identity and gender

The relationship between identity and race

Imagining alternate identities

How and why identity changes The Member of the Wedding Carson McCullers How identity is shaped

Identifying the self as an individual and as a member of a group

The relationship between identity
and gender

How and why identity changes Skin Anthony Fabian (dir.) The relationship between identity and a sense of belonging

The relationship between identity and a sense of exclusion

Mediating between two cultures: 'the old world and the new'

Exploring multiple identites Growing Up Asian in Australia Alice Pung (ed.) Write to your strengths – find a style which suits you and plan to use it

You may refer to other texts or material if it enhances your piece

Clearly explore the Context and the prompt

Poetry or imaginative narratives will be difficult in the exam Ideas for writing Chief Assessor’s Report

the Study Design

the Examination specifications

Sample Examination

the Examination criteria

“expected qualities” descriptors Resources Accent
Money Exclusion
Multiple identities
Individuality Feature article

Reflective piece

Descriptive piece

Expository essay - expound!

Persuasive speech Ideas for forms Two questions... Sport, suburbs, commercialism, family Sport, family, symbolism, rhyming couplets Sport, imagery, reference and allusions aging, metaphor Frankie's view of herself, narrative voice dress and clothing, body image the split town, Berenice and Frankie Naming, narrative structure growing up, realisation and reconciliation Cultural context, family, religion Sandra's sapce in between, metaphor Sandra and men, sandra and her mother Shifting context, reconciliation cultural identity, food and clothing Who they're not: Paul Nguyen, Sunil Badami values, pressure, education and marriage reconciliation, Tanveer Ahmed, Michelle Law Ideas Language choices IDentity is formed in childhood We project many different images of ourselves We inevitably sacrifice something of ourselves to be part of a group Narrative voice Structure - Flashbacks Description and characterisation
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