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*OLD* AAD 520, Unit 15: Cultural Celebration: Tradition, Heritage & Identity

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UK Arts Administration

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of *OLD* AAD 520, Unit 15: Cultural Celebration: Tradition, Heritage & Identity

Unit 15:
Cultural Celebration: Tradition, Heritage & Identity
I. Folk Traditional Arts
II. Visual Art Examples / Folk Artist
III. Dance
IV. Music Examples
V. Better Processes and Practices
What is a tradition or culture bearer?
Oral traditions and expressions;
Performing arts, such as traditional music, dance, and theatre;
Social practices, rituals, and festive events;
Traditional craftsmanship; and
Knowledge of traditional activities related to living off the land and to household economy.
Tradition Bearer
Artform: Folklife/Traditional Arts – Western Saddlemaking
Dale Harwood
Norma Pintar
Artform: Mexican Folk Dance
Oinkari Basque Dancers

VISIT: Oinkari Basque Dancers

WATCH: Boise Oinkari Mixed Arku
Cultural Community: Mexican
Cultural Community: Cowboy
Dan Ansotequi
Artforms: Folk & Traditional Music – Basque song and trikitixa style accordion, foodways
Cultural Community: Basque
VISIT: Listen to Dan in his current band, Amuma Says No.
VISIT: The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
What tradition or culture bearers are not yet involved?
What traditions or heritages are being lost?
What groups are not being represented?
What could you do as an arts administrator to assist in continuing this important cultural work?
VISIT: For a listing of Folk Arts & Traditional Arts Resources see the National Endowment for the Arts website.

LEARN MORE: The NEA National Heritage Fellowships

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