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Sean Berdy

No description

Katie Malone

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Sean Berdy

Sean Berdy Acting Career: About Sean... When attending ISD: Although, most popular now from the ABC family show Switched at Birth. The show is about two girls that are switched at birth, one deaf and one hearing. Sean plays a large supporting role, using only ASL to speak.

His first stage was his parents' bed where he put on shows for family and friends alongside his younger brother, Tyler, who would handle DJ and lighting needs for the events. Born deaf on June 3rd, 1993 in Florida

His whole family is deaf: dad - Scott, mom - Terrie, and brother - Tyler

Attended Indiana School for the Deaf - Mr. Deaf Teen America (2010)
- Performed with ISD's show choir, Vibrations Awards Nominated for the Teen Breakout Star award at the Teen Choice Awards

Winner of the DeafNation Inspiration Award for Entertainment in 2012

2010 Mr. Deaf Teen America Actor
Live Performer Who is he… Acting Jobs  - The Sandlot 2 as Sammy "Fingers" Samuelson
 - The Bondage as Young Trey
- Two films in ASL: 
The Deaf Family as Wesley
The Legend of the Mountain Man as Nick Not Only An Actor Started as a comedian 

Sean Berdy Show
- Funny
- geared towards the Deaf community    Octopuses are deaf. So am I.... Before I was born, my address was 1 Womb Avenue Abdomen, Human, 1111 I just got a mosquito bite and I'm sure that mosquito just turned Deaf Sean Loves Music Drums – 6 to 11 years old
Picked it back up for Switched at Birth

He grew up using hearing aids and had speech therapy that helped develop a passion for music and helped him develop drumming talents
“I feel the beat, but I use my hearing aids; hearing aids that I’ve worn since the day I was born, truthfully" Loves to Interpret songs in ASL Hero by Enrique Iglesias "I do see a need to continue breaking down barriers between the hearing and Deaf communities and I’d like to take part in building bridges that close the gap" Sean thoughts on inspiring hearing people to learn ASL How do you feel about the way the Deaf community is portrayed on Switched at Birth? “I was born in both worlds, the hearing world and the deaf world, and raised in both worlds; and, I’ve seen so many, and I know so many people that are in both communities.  I’ve never seen an authentic portrayal about how deaf and hearing people get along in TV in my life until this show.  When I came out here to audition, I read the script – the pilot script – and I knew right away it was well written; and, that’s because they, the producers, Lizzie have worked with ASL consultants.  They had talked with deaf people before creating this show. The Deaf community is rallying behind this show.  This show is for them.  They see authentic deaf people in the show being portrayed as they live and breathe, and that is a thrill for the Deaf community.  They feel very fortunate to have this show and I feel extremely honored to be a part of this show for that reason.” dance So what's the point? There is more to Sean than just acting in Switched at Birth . But the show has brought deaf culture into the public eye, exposing the culture to many people that are unfamiliar with ASL and members of the Deaf society "It’s wonderful, because ASL is something that I believe everyone should learn. It’s a beautiful language, and the show impacts hearing teens who could not learn ASL. Its wonderful for growing our ASL community. It’s a strong and powerful language. Its inspiring. I'm thrilled 100, no, 110 percent!" "It's not all about acting. It's about giving an art of entertainment to humanity"— Sean Berdy
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