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Oliver & Oliver Twist

No description

Hope Todd

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Oliver & Oliver Twist

Oliver & Oliver Twist
By: Hope Todd
Period 7

Oliver- Both of them are orphans who have been badly treated
Mrs. Corney- She is the matron of the workhouse where Oliver was born and later she married Mr. Bumble.
Setting Comparison
Plot Comparison
Mood Comparison
Message Comparison
People Involved
Both Oliver and Oliver Twist take place in London, England in the 1850s
Oliver eventually finds someone who cares for him and does anything to help him.
Mr. Brownlow learns about Oliver's true heritage and starts looking for him.
Oliver twist
The mood was sad at first when Oliver was mistreated at the workhouse. But what made it worse was when he was placed for sale. Towards the end Nancy decides to take a risk for Oliver which made Oliver grateful, because of this the ending was mostly happy.
The mood for Oliver in Oliver Twist like Oliver! He was sad and he felt lonely and mistreated until he escaped to London, where he was welcomed in by Fagin. But little did he know they were pickpockets and he eventually was accused of being a thief. The wealthy Mr. Brownlow decides to take him in, but Bill Sikes and Fagin decide to make a plan to kidnap him and rob Mr.Brownlow's house. Oliver is wounded while Mr. Brownlow fights to save him. But Oliver finally feels like someone cares for him so he is hopeful

Oliver! Protagonist
Oliver! Writer
Oliver! Director
Oliver Twist Protagonist
Oliver! Antagonist
Oliver Twist Antagonist
Oliver Twist Director
Oliver Twist Writer
Oliver Twist played by: Barney Clark
Oliver played by: Oliver Breedon
Lionel Bart
Toby Higgins
Roman Polanski
Book: Charles Dickens
Screenplay: Ronald Harwood
Fagin played by:
Ben Kingsley
Fagin played by:
Neil Morrissey
Oliver Twist
The message of Oliver was a reminder of the existence of hunger, ignorance and want that presented itself in the 1860s.
The message of Oliver Twist was a to challenge the Victorian society ideas about poor people and there belief that poor were criminals at birth.
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