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Exploring Twitter

No description

Megan Pastore

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Exploring Twitter

I'm a writer. I spank sentences into shape. Type of Writing Cynical Witty Sarcastic Why do we use humor in social media? How is she humorous? Humor 1.4.11A - Includes Literary
Elements and Devices 1.4.11B - Uses Precise Language and Specific Detail 1.4.11A - Includes Elements of Style PDESAS Standards Figure of Speech
Non Sequitur Verbose language
Humor Chooses her words purposefully
Uses formal language "I spank sentences into shape."

She makes a connection between two ideas that we wouldn't usually associate with one another (writing and spanking).
"I just got my hair trapped in the paper shredder. New and unwelcome experience."

An example of understatement. She uses sophisticated language to define a clumsy, awkward moment. We use humor to attract audiences without asking for them.
We connect with our audiences using humor.
We use humor to create identities for ourselves as "funny people," knowing that audiences will continually read the posts of those they believe to be funny. Definition:
"Distrusting or disparaging the motives of others."
"Twitter clearly has a dark side. Or poor taste. Or both."
(She's criticizing the Twitter world.)
She wants to appear perceptive and educated. Critical thinking results in cynicism. She wants everyone to know that she analyzes everything she experiences. Definition:
"Showing or characterized by quick, inventive verbal humor"
"I keep getting spam emails in French. Pourquoi?"
(Her word choice is unexpected and reveals that she has some knowledge of French. She uses this knowledge to create humor.)
She's proud of her intelligence and writing skills and wants others to appreciate them. Definition:
"Marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt."
"Also... good morning! I actually managed the sleep thing last night. Yay me."
(She's congratulated herself for a small task that everyone does.)
It allows her to develop her own style of humor. She depicts herself as biting and mocking rather than cheerful. She differentiates herself from those who seem perpetually happy and content on social media. Critically and Creatively Examining Writing within Social Networks
Group #3: Megan Pastore, Olivia Miller, John McCullough, Ari Simner, Emma Farrell
LLED 480
4 February 2013 1.4.11C - Writes Persuasive Pieces "I make artisan jewellry." Link for jewelry store on personal page I also make artisan jewellry. Definintion:
"A comic, absurd or incongruous quality causing amusement."
(http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/humor?s=t) @Louisa Mawson http://www.pdesas.org/ Other examples of humor: "I love my six-pack so much I protect it
with a layer of fat. :)"
"Dear Google, thank you for doing most of my homework for me. :)"
"Friday is my second favorite F word."
(http://www.facebookstatus123.com/category/funny-facebook-status) Nature of Writing Confident Definition:
"Sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one's own abilities, correctness, successfulness."
"I'm a writer. I spank sentences into shape. I also make artisan jewellry."
(She uses dominant language (i.e. spank) to show how comfortable she is with her abilities.)
She needs to be confident in her work as a writer and a jeweller in order to sell her product. She also needs to be confident in her own personality in order to market herself. If she does not believe in what she says and what she sells, no one else will. Function of Writing Implications of Writing THE BRANCHES: WHAT WE SEE THE ROOTS: WHAT LIES BENEATH Meaning and Significance of Writing Louisa uses her humor and writing style to create an intriguing identity that her followers are attracted to. She draws her audience with her wit, sarcasm, humor, and confidence in order to market what she wants them to take from her twitter page. She wants to portray to others a constructed personality and contrive how others perceive her. She does not want to be viewed as an empty-headed person posting about pointless activities using poor grammar and misspellings. In creating this personality, she’s connecting with her followers, gaining their trust, and using this trust to market both tangible things and her ideas. She tries to advertise her jewelry as well as events and websites. In addition, she presents views from a cynical perspective, and therefore, asks her audience to be skeptical. Examples of Marketing:
"My dad’s website is up. If you are into archery or need a superb handcrafted bow... visit dragonflyboys.co.uk"
"Goblin Moon will be at Rookley Country Paark Christmas Fayre this Sunday from 12-4pm."
"From now until Yule you can get 10% DISCOUNT at my Etsy shop with code YULE12. Feel free to pass on to your friends." She redefines how society views writers. She connects with her audience to prove that writers don't always have to be abstract and can make practical connections with the everyday world. She doesn’t need to speak in a riddle, but can get directly to the point with simple observations and reports (e.g. hair stuck in a paper shredder). She promotes experimentation with form. She advertises that she is a writer, but at the same time, adapts to modern forms of communication through social media. She also experiments with form by using short sentences that may be considered fragments. She uses “improper” punctuation as well. In being a writer and utilizing social media (including its efficient form in language), she removes some of the stigma associated with twitter and other social media. She closes the distance between writer and audience. Through her Twitter, Louisa Mawson can personally connect with her audience. In this respect, social media may change how people read in general. She uses new forms of communication (images, links, tweets) in order to devote an entire web page to creating an identity. She is able to convey who she is to a large audience, so each individual person can extract different meaning.
Appeals to consumers: jewelry, archery equipment
Evokes critical thinking: asks others to question their surroundings
Makes a personal connection with those who can relate to her
Asks audience to rethink their views on writing and writers http://goblinmoon.co.uk/products/94738--wwwgoblinmooncouktreeoflifeearrings.aspx www.twitter.com/louisamawson http://hanistan.blogspot.com/2012/03/cynical-on-politics-health-care-and.html
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