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The Field of Interpretation

No description

Xiaoxiao Li

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The Field of Interpretation

The Field of Interpretation
Types include conference interpreters and court interpreters
Main types of interpretation: simultaneous and consecutive

Most interpreters work freelance, or
work full-time for large organizations
through agencies on short-term contracts

Staff interpreters' working hours are long and irregular

Median salary is around $44000


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1. Study for a bachelor’s in interpretation or translation
2. Study for a bachelor’s, then a master’s in conference interpreting

Education and Training
number of spoken
in the

Fluency in at least two languages
Specialized knowledge
An understanding of current affairs
Strong general knowledge
Specialized Skills
Community Involvement
Pro-bono work is interpreting for the community, for free or at reduced wages
Pro-bono work is important to
gain more work experience
make connections

Earnings and Working conditions
Job Satisfaction
Preparing a variety of new topics
Meeting interesting clients
Constantly learning new things
Challenge of providing good communication

Job Stress
Interpreters work in conferences or courtrooms

Simultaneous interpreters work in glass booths
Consecutive interpreters stand close to the speaker
Simultaneous Interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tUgQGHHnkAo/Ums7SPG6XuI/AAAAAAAAAks/NGFl6RySHm4/s1600/PhienDichHoiNghi.jpg http://www.conferenceinterpreting.info/images/p005_1_01.jpg

Image Sources
Requires high concentration and little room for error
Constantly need to master new subjects
Cannot control the delivery speed or topics
Must work extremely long hours

Future trends and self-employment options

Many interpreters work freelance
Staff interpreters must have years of experience
May become interpreter trainers

Related Jobs
Language teacher
Fluent in at least two languages
Concise and communicate efficiently and effectively
Many interpreters start out doing translation work
Interpreters learn to manage stress

Interpretation expected to increase 22 percent over next decade
By: Xiaoxiao Li
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