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Single Parenting: How it Effects Education.

No description

Savannah Jonesi

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Single Parenting: How it Effects Education.

How It Effects Their Growth
How It Effects Focus
Children get distracted thinking of home problems in class, which can lower grades, and test scores.
Often they don't have the right outlet to dispose of these thoughts, leaving them even more sidetracked.
How It Effects Life After School :
Students are more likely to commit crimes.
Students are more likely to start using drugs.
Students are more likely to suffer from depression and other mental illnesses.
What Gets Passed Down From Single Parents.
Drug Use
Early Pregnancy
Unsteady Jobs
Unstable Structure
Maturity Level is filled at a faster rate.
Anger issues are more common.
Who it Effects Most:
Single Parenting: How it Effects Education.
Males, mostly adolescent males.
Unstable teens
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