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Islamic Edu-SMT

No description

Yaseen Hajee

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Islamic Edu-SMT

Roots Fruits/Results ...KHDA findings Moving Islamic Forward Inspector Jamal Al-Nabhan means Think Tank Amalgamation of energies and ideas from SMT/ESOL and all role-players Moving D. I. S. forward From Good to Outstanding Feedback/Department Meeting with Inspector Objective: gathering information
Areas of focus: 1. Quran 2. Hadith (Sayings of Prophet Muhammed [pbuh]) 3. Fiqh (Jurisprudence) 4. Seerah (history) 5. Ettiquttes 6. Morals/values
Department Ratings: 2011/12..........."Acceptable"

For "Good" ; 50-75% of students to be ABOVE Curriculum "Acceptable" ; 75% of students to be IN-LINE Curriculum Please focus on:
the problems and how you concurred with the Inspector
The plan to move forward broken down into the immediate things and the longer term things Administration: pleased and found 'Good' communication.
Pedagogy: fair implementation of modern pedagogy
Attainment Progress: weak recitation & memorisation skills.
Stronger values could be instilled
Adequate knowledge of Faith
Secondary lacks deeper understanding on concepts
Progress was 'acceptable" but secondary was "satisfactory"
Year 11: ???!!! ! ? ! ? ! my Observations: Inspection was clinical ... close to accurate
concurs with my findings aside from certain areas (curriculum, benchmarks which KHDA needs to addressed)...KHDA/MOE short-comings
loss/lack of basics,
'hybrid kids' in clash of cultures/lifestyles for a 'hybrid pedagogy'
"the exception" has become the Rule; higher percentages of weakness over strengths
large classes
social & intellectual decadence; kids grapple with performance over embarassment/shying away Ideal to start off with but... The move towards "Outstanding"... Needs analysis/year or levels, currently in progress
Benchmarks on levels of kids knowledge + Curriculum/syllabus formulation
incubation/intergration of kids according to levels
student ratio/level or class ...
Resource Management, "reshuffling/restructuring teachers"
"Hybrid Pedagogy"; Traditional and Modern strenghts to be infused... "SMART" oriented. Immediate Long Term (within 3 yr whole School Plan) "like Minded" Full time teachers (2 at least or 1 and two TA's)
Finer Tracking Devices (CEMS 'reconstructed', Intervention)
Teacher Development (CPD's internal/external)
SMT/Islamic Dept. collaboration - breaching the "Gulf"
Pioneer a winning model of "Hybrid Pedagogy" for schools of UAE/Region ...only if we are serious,

lest we 'See Rears' getting to the bottom of things... way below the Roots
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