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Even the Playing Field

Intramural Institute Presentation

Ashley Lax

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Even the Playing Field

Even the Playing Field
Resources on campus
Campus disabilities services/center
Student orgs:
Support, Advocacy and Awareness of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Badgers for Developmental Disability Awareness
Badgers for Special Olympics
Best Buddies UW – Madison Chapter
Diversity Club
Student Association of Volunteers for Autism
Student Athletes Equally Supporting Others

Resources in the community
Special Olympics chapter
Parks and Rec
Youth/professional adaptive sports teams
Disability resource centers in city
Adaptive Biathlon
Blindfolded Yoga
Sledge Hockey
What is adaptive recreation?
Activities that are adapted, either by rule adjustment or equipment adjustment, so that students of all abilities can recreate.
Goalball (above)
Sitting Volleyball (below)
What is our field doing now?
Weekly drop in open rec
Tournaments and leagues
Expo days collaborating with other campus partners
Where to start...
What is your goal?
What can you do?
How can you expand?
Marketing the unknown
Challenges to marketing
unknown activities normally generate more questions than registration
misunderstanding of event leads to hesitation in registration
equal representation of able bodied students and students with disabilities
The ABCs of Adaptive Programming
Start small...
Expanding programming
Adaptive Rec expo day
ability to collaborate with multiple program areas
can reach a broad spectrum of interests
Adaptive tournaments or leagues
can market to similar sports participants
less relaxed, more competitive atmosphere that participants are used to
Paralympic time trials
Adaptive officials training
Inclusive language
Visible options for accommodations
Drop in open rec activities
Examples include wheelchair basketball, assisted workouts, adaptive clubs, etc.
Most common sports are seen in the Paralympics
Portland State
UT Arlington
Arizona State
Wright State
UC-Long Beach
Georgia Southern
East Carolina
Adaptive rec is the ultimate example of inclusion
Students learn valuable lessons by participating in adaptive rec
Everyone can provide some sort of adaptive rec, no matter how big or small
IMs can be leader in providing these opportunities on campus
Presented by Victoria Landron and Ashley Lax

Value of Adaptive Rec
Reported by students participating in Badgers ADAPT
"...entirely new set of motor skills and self awareness."
"All sports are challenging in some way..."
"really gained an appreciation for the different types of sports that are available..."
"It makes one realize how different each sport is played and what obstacles each athlete must overcome."
Important for students to learn more than "it is hard to be disabled"
Adaptive rec can be a valuable education tool, aimed to give an appreciation for all athletes and the challenges that sports in general present
Gives an option for all to recreate
Students get to meet people of differing backgrounds and abilities, diversifying themselves in the process
Reported by campus rec professionals via NIRSA community of practice
Learning Objectives
Articulate the benefits of providing inclusion to an intramural sports program
Identify at least one event or adaptation of a sport to increase inclusion in intramural sports programming
Demonstrate knowledge of strategies to target and effectively market to under-served populations
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