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Zanzibar Leopard

No description

Lauren Knight

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Zanzibar Leopard

Interesting Facts
Around the 1990's, some efforts were made to try and conserve the species, but those were shelved as wildlife researchers concluded that its likelihood of survival was not very positive.
This leopard was found on Unguja Island, and has not been spotted anywhere else in the world
only six skins of this animal were ever documented
Works Cited
Proof of the Species
government records from Tanzania state that there was a campaign to kill these leopards after an assumption of association with witchcraft, killing livestock in local farmland.
Prevention of Its Extinction
There was not much that could have been done to stop its extinction. The leader of Tanzania at the time firmly believed in its association with witchcraft, and he was set out to eradicate the land of the animal.
Species Background
Native to the Zanibar archipelago in Tanzania
It is thought to have evolved from the African Leopard in the last years of the Ice Age when the area was separated by rising sea levels
the last recorded sighting was in 1980
Zanzibar Leopard
Diet of the Species
They mostly at small animals, including birds, and livestock living on nearby farmland in Tanzania.
Relationship with Modern Species
It is similar to leopards that exist today in the rainforests left in the world
They both are similar in their appearances, their diet, and their uniquely patterned coats
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By Lauren Knight period 3
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