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Senior Project

No description

Alissa Hawks

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project

The Importance of Learning a Foreign Language During Youth Created by: Alissa Hawks, Sam Blake, & Jazzmin Krause Why is it important to
start teaching kids a foreign
language when they are younger? Facts Facts Bilingual individuals:
- have more functioning control over the brain
- have better overall brain and cognition health
Fluency in two languages is a form of mental exercise that helps strengthen the brain It helps prevent dementia later in life It enhances comprehension and abilities in reading, writing, and math Foreign language speakers have better listening skills and sharper memories It helps the speaker become more culturally aware, and gives them insights into other cultures Statistics 53% of Europeans can speak a second language It it estimated that more than half of the world speaks two languages Students in other countries spend an average of 16 hours a week learning foreign languages Facts Children can still learn from a parent who is not fluent It is best for a child to learn a language before puberty The younger a child is when they learn, the more likely they are to speak with a native accent Spanish The 2nd most common language in the USA One of the easiest languages to It's a phonetic language Similar to languages such as: French, Italian, and Portuguese German Words and origins similar to English More than 5 million speakers in the USA Close languages are English and Dutch Among most widely spoken language in EU Deutsch Español French Knowing French can improve English vocabulary Official language in 29 countries Français Official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein 3rd most spoken language in the EU Student Interviews Educating the Youth Mrs. Gorsegner's 3rd grade class
at Vowles Elementary School Our School Grant Proposal WE ASKED OUR STUDENTS: Teacher Opinions: Teacher Interviews Our Grant Proposal No. learn Special Thanks To: Jesica Diaz-Castro Yassin Gharib Desiree Wegenast Hakim Senni Mrs. Davis Mrs. Mower Miss Wertz Mr. Onstott Breaking The Language Barrier
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