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Ancient china- the invention of chopsticks

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Charlotte Heslop

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Ancient china- the invention of chopsticks

What are chopsticks?
Chopsticks are commonly plastic, bamboo or wooden table utensils. they are two sticks which you hold a particular way to eat your food.
How did chopsticks impact Ancient China?
When people in ancient china started to use chopsticks for reaching into pots, the quality of food served was much higher. When they were use as table utensils they were very popular so there were not many knives and forks anymore.
How have chopsticks impacted modern society
Almost everywhere in the world, people occasionally go out and eat chinese food. When they are eating, approxamitly 72% of people use chopsticks and 60% use them at home when eating chinese food.
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When were chopsticks invented?
Chopsticks were invented 4000-5000 years ago, and were used to reach into hot pots and water. It wasn't until 400-500 AD when chopsticks started to be used as table utensils. They were first created in the Xia dynasty but the design we use today was created in the Shang dynasty
Ancient china- the invention of chopsticks
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