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Using technology to improve your life experience

A presentation by Ali Hassan Memon Managing Editor

Ali Hassan Memon

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Using technology to improve your life experience

Using technology to improve life experience A presentation by Ali Hassan Memon

Managing Editor About us is a technology publication Our Mission Our session today Mobile applications
Desktop applications But before we start.. A few questions Something about cell phones They have evolved
They are no lon ger just devices for comunication
They act as a life line now
We have become highly dependent on them
A problem with our cell phone is a problem with us
Therefore, a solution is welcome Has your cell phone ever been.. Snatched
Stolen How did you get back all your lost contact details? ? First solution for our first problem Google Sync Features Keeps your contacts updated Portability with your Google account Complete contact information like never before Unutilized fields can get filled automatically

Such as (Just to name a fiew): -

Organization (Linkedin)
Desgination (Linkedin)
Pictures The best of all No fear of mobile loss Problem # 2 Capacity

How many text messages can you save?
How many call logs, pictures, videos?
Can you save the above items on your phone indefinitely?
What do you do when you run out of space? Solution: Rseven This was something about phone data.. But lets see if there is something entertaining too! Question You are in a restaurant with a friend.. Solution..

Midomi or Shazam What are they? Music recognition software
They listen to a smaple of music and send it to their servers
Relay back the information and tell you which song is it
You can sing, you can hum, you can make it listen to the song In the end, you have complete independence
when it comes to music

You don't have to ask anybody Lets see a demo , pointing out problems, solutions Lets move to Video How do you use your cell phone camera? If you use it less, whats stopping you? Solution: Qik Let me just show you.. Lets see what people have done with it Benefits: -

Live video streaming
Video archiving
Sharing of videos publically and privately
A new concept of video emailing
Social connections Imagine what you can do with it.. Lets move to other solutions You have been invited to the
Second floor cafe for a workshop You dont know where it is You are standing on main Korangi road but are unable to find it

What would you do? You use Google Maps and Latitude! Its a great application which: -

Tells you where you are by using live satellite images
Can give you directions to where you need to go
It moves as you move
It also keeps your loved ones uptodate regarding your location Let me demonstrate :) Another problem... How frequently do you talk on your cell phone?
Whats your averager per day?

What do you do about falling signals?
Can you talk for free?
Solution.. Fring What does it do? Free calling
Free calling all around the world
Compatibility with all mobile messengers
Always accessible
Better voice quality
Go where your cell phone doesn’t go See for yourself.. If we're still left with time, lets go on to desktop How do you manage your money?
How to you keep tabs on expenses?
How do you keep track of what you owe to friends and what they owe you?

Have there been surprises? Solution.. Buxfer What is it?
What does it do? Manages your personal and shared expenses
Keeps track of all IOUs
Saves a trend of all expenses
Allows one to alot budgets and alarms upon exceptions
Captures transaction from your credit card
Helps you compare time ot time expenses
Gives you a nutshell regarding your current financial capacity
Thank you!

www. .com
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