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Getting Involved

No description

Jacqueline Guilkey

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Getting Involved

Plugging into RSHS
Explore your Interests
Go to the school website and refer to the list of school activities offered at RSHS
Why Get Involved?
Why do you think colleges always want to know if students were involved in extra-curricular activities?
Personal Benefits
You can also learn the values of teamwork, group responsibility, problem solving, culture, and diversity.
Expert Opinion & Student Story Videos
Go to https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/get-started/outside-the-classroom/extracurriculars-matter-to-you-and-to-colleges
Getting Started
Ask your friends what they are involved in
Check the school website and announcements
Talk to your teachers and school counselor
Check out church activities
Check out community activities such as Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, etc.
Start your own group
Discuss which clubs and sports you would consider getting involved in this school year
What is it about these activities that is most appealing to you?
What clubs/activities would you like to see offered at RSHS?
Benefits: less likely to drop out of high school, higher academic achievement, sense of belonging, higher self-esteem, etc.
Your entire life you will have to work with others (school, career, neighbors, community) and high school clubs are a great place to start working on those skills.
Watch the videos and discuss what you learned
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