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Thomas Jefferson

No description

Helen Neuroth

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
The 3rd president
Thomas was born in Shadwell,VA on April,13,1743
Thomas died on the date of July,4,1826 at the age of 83
Thomas married the first lady named Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson
He was working in the military from 1801 till 1809
Thomas lived his childhood in Albemarle country,VA
He went to the university of William and Mary
He never joined a church
His family was small he had his mom dad and his sister named Lucy Jefferson Lewis and a brother named Randolph Jefferson
His army ranking was at Colonel
As he grew up he had 6 kids
The vice president was Aaron Burr(1)
Gerorge Clinton(2)
He made the amount of $25,000 a year as a president
He was elected the president at the age of: 25
He made the Declaration of the Independence
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