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No description

Lim Allyster

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of LOVE CANAL

What happened?

Punctured the seal which caused toxic waste to slowly pour into the sewage lines, and the soil around it.
Chemicals slowly seeped into the water supply and the soil of the area.
People began to fall sick.
Women who became pregnant in Love Canal had miscarriages or gave birth to children with birth defects.

Taking a closer look…
Niagara Falls Love Canal
Accumulating Trouble (‘Crescive Troubles’)
Why is it significant?

Decisions made were for political reasons instead of scientific evidence or the welfare of the people.
Helped create Superfund which is a federal program designed to identify and clean up the worst of the hazardous chemical waste sites in the U.S.

Alicia Lim
Cale Lai

One of the worst man-made environmental disaster

Love Canal
Homeowner Association (LCHA)
Taking a closer look…
Focus on safety aspect rather than saving cost
Soft spots, investigate rather than covering up
Find out reason behind the condition of the contract
Puncturing of the protective walls, have a back up plan

The state should inform potential buyers beforehand
Insisted there was no danger, The State and New York Health Department should not withhold information
Selectively relocated some residents, should be provided for all its residents
Election period, should not mix safety with politics

Scientists and labs didn't want to help, focus on providing their scientific knowledge to help its people

Government Says Abandoned Love Canal Homes Are Safe Now.
By: Philip Shabecoff
Published: May 15, 1990

EPA, safe enough from chemical contamination to permit people to move back
10-15% below market price
Minorities, low income people

Love Canal's Lethal Legacy Persists
By Susan Donaldson James
Published: Aug. 11, 2008

2004, removed from the Superfund List
Past residents fear their conditions might pass on to their children
Sold houses, sign waivers to obtain mortages

Lawsuits: Love Canal still oozes 35 years later
By: Carolyn Thompson
Published: November 2, 2013

Complains despite promises of cleaned-up land and affordable homes
Evacuate and relocate the residents, especially during the construction and repair of the canal
Do something about propping up property values
Get the canal fixed properly
Air sampling and soil and water testing.
Social Economic Status as a factor?
Residents at Love Canal lived on $150 a week take-home pay
They had sick children, house payments and other debts
They were dependent on the government.
This could have made the state withhold information, allocate resources improperly
Accumulated trouble
Incubation period of 11 years
Poltical reasons and it created superfund
Loosly-coupled system
Small organizations acting seperately
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