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Haiti Project(Geophary)

No description

Daryl Gannon

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Haiti Project(Geophary)

Haiti Earthquake In January 2010 a Earthquake hit a main town in Haiti.The town was called Port-au-Prince.
The Earthquake hit the town at 7.0 which was very strong and it destroyed most of town.
There was 32 or more aftershocks that was recorded. First Aid and International Help International medical help was on the ground trying to save lives within 22 hours.
To this day there is still some Aid but it has decreased since Hurricane Sandy , which caused more than 50 deaths in Haiti and left over 200,000 homeless.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning immediately after the initial quake but was canncelled 24 hours later. Haiti Earthquake
Project Recovery Six months after the quake as much as 98 percent of the rubble remained uncleared.
It was reported that thousands of bodies still remain in the rubble.
The number of people in relief camps and tents since the earthquake rose to 1.6 million.
A radio station in Netherlands donation of 80 million Dollars to help with food and other supplies.
Half a million people remain homeless and still live under tarps and in tents. The Haiti song Haiti map Funding Problems In January 2012 it was reported that 2 years after the earthquake struck that figures released by the United Nations that US$4.5 billion pledged for reconstruction projects in 2010 and 2011, only 43 percent of that has been delivered.
Few donors to have fully met their pledges. Facts about the earthquake
and causes. 3,500,000 people were effected by the earthquake.
220,000 people estimated to have died.
300,000+ people were injured.
After the quake there were 19 million cubic metres of rubble and in Port au Prince.
4,000 schools were damaged or destroyed.
•25% of civil servants in Port au Prince along died. 2 Years on. Action Aids project Building for the Future said that Haiti's reconstruction could cost an additional $50 million in emergency replacement tents. The end
Thank you for listing
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