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Classic by MKTO

No description

Keren Perez

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Classic by MKTO

Love song by adele
This is clearly a song about love and it talks about falling for someone and always wanting to be with them because it makes the feel safe
Melt my heart to stone by adele
This song if about falling for someone it talks about someone being your weekness and always believeing in them no matter what they do and making them feel good with themselves
Classic by MKTO
I picked this song because it talks about a boy meeting this girl and thinking that shes different from all other girls and that shes perfect
Rather be By CLean bandit
I picked this song because it talks about being next to someone and also because i think that boy is creepy and im pretty sure he would want to be near her as much as he can
Crazy by Gnarls Barkly
I chose this song because personally i think that the boy is weird and creepy that he tried figuering how her facial expression explained what she was thinking and how hes like obsessed with her
Hearts Content by Brandi Carllie
I chose this song because when i heard it in a movie iit was aout this guy falling for this girl but then she didnt trun out to be who he thought she was

Obsesion by aventura
This song is about a boy thats obsesed with a girl and he wants her but shes with someone else "no es amor lo que tu sientes se llama obsesion una ilusion en to pensamineto"
Su veneno by aventura
This song is about heart break "por su maldito veveno esto se va poner feo y ya veran lo que hare voy a jugarme con fuego a derretir este hielo no morire por una mujer"
Oye by la sonora Dinammita
I picked this song because it talks about a bunch different things but talks about love to " un romance que a nacido, que te roba los sentidos
Me estoy enamorando by la mafia
I picked this song because it talks about falling for someone just like the kid in tis story "me estoy enamorando hoy de ti pero perdidamente"

Nina bonita by chino y nacho
This song talks about this guy liking a girl and calling her pretty "mi nina bontia mi dulce princesa
Cuanto duele by carlos y alejranda
This song talks about heart break and how much it can hurt to lose someone " Fuiste tu mi mas grande fracaso maldigo el dia en que te conosi"

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