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Kevin Cascell's Infinity Trigger Collage Series

Bio, Artist's Statement and 6 works by Portland Artist Kevin Cascell

Brooke DeNisco-Myers

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Kevin Cascell's Infinity Trigger Collage Series


18" x 22"
the great flood
16" x 20"
21.5" x 25"
20" x 16"
fox hunt
23.5" x 32"
danger: water polluted
18" x 24"

Kevin Cascell, 44, grew
up in southern California,
and graduated from UC
Berkeley in 1991. He
started making collages
for the seminal music
magazine Osmotic Tongue Pressure, which he started.
In 1994 he joined rock bank Trumans Water. For the next
decade, he recorded eight records and designed three album covers. Kevin is now focusing on his art full-time. He lives with his cat and cut outs in NE Portland.
Original Collages by
Portland artist
Kevin Cascell

Infinity Trigger series
My collages are made with cuttings from old books and magazines.They are non-conceptual, with the theme
emerging gradually; at that point my job is to clarify them visually. The goal is to create a dialogue between the viewer's subconscious and mine.

Thank you for
looking at
my work.
I'd welcome any
feedback or questions.

Kevin Cascell also has a blog:


You can see more of his work online at
Kevin's website, www.kcascell.com, is under construction and will be complete in May
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