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Nepal Vs. America - Women

Photography andd visual aspect of the project comparing women in Nepal to women in America

Erin Ackerly

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Nepal Vs. America - Women

Double click anywhere & add an idea Nepal Vs. The United States; Women Child Life United States Nepal FAmilies Working Women Working Women FAmilies United States Nepal Older Life Once a woman has kids her job is to take care of them, and do all the household chores. Nepal Belive women's sole purpose in life is to get married and have kids; so women are usually married and starting their familes at the age of 20 or younger. Women will spend their lives caring for their kids and eventually their grandkids. America Women usually go through college then proceed to start a career Lots of women get married, howeve some choose to stay single (this is considered unexceptable in Nepal). Lots of poeple choose to have kids, and lots of people choose not to. By Erin Ackerly The End. Thanks for watching. Nepal Nepal America America Timeline Comparison
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