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Shadow and Solitude

No description

John Denver Custodio

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Shadow and Solitude

Claro M. Recto died of a heart attack in Rome, Italy, on October 2, 1960, while on a cultural mission, and en route to Spain, where he was to fulfill a series of speaking engagements.
Shadow and Solitude by Claro M. Recto
The Message of the Story
The problems in our society and the problems about love
love conquers everything even sometimes it is not right and because of too much love of Andres on the wrong person: Marina, he became greedy and selfish ...
About the Author:
- a Filipino poet and playwright turned politician;
- born: February 8, 1890 in the Tiaong, Tayabas (Quezon);
- Father: Claro Recto Sr.
- Mother: Micaela Mayo
In college, Recto attended the Ateneo de Manila University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Following that, Recto earned his Masters of Law degree from the University of Santo Tomas.
Andres - the husband, a doctor
Gabriela - the wife, soft-hearted, christian ideal
Don Narciso - the uncle, an orator and sophist
Marina - the sister, a nurse, smart and gorgeous
Luisa - family's friend
the society became educated
and people learned different
things but they had unlearned
the the source of all things: God ...
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