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Web 2.0

Web 2.0 tools

sierra c

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0

How will we spend the next four years together???? By: Sierra Cooper Web 2.0! Web 2.0 is differwnt web tools yoiu can use. You use web 2.0 to look up information, find or save pictures, make documents, share different things and many other things with useing the helpful web 2.0 tools Blog!!!!:D A blog is a combination of the word web and log which makews blog. Web+ log= blog. Can share your thoughts and post different stuff.An example of a blogging site is twitter. People use twitter to blog different stuff like what their day was like or whats on their mind social networking! Social networking is something that allows you to talk and chat with people. Facebook- a social networking website where you can chat, send messages, upload pictures, commet on different things and can post status’s.
Twitter!!!! Twitter is a short blogging web site. What I mean by short blogging website is only puts 140 characters at the most on each post. It could help students they wouldn’t have to take worksheets and books home and if they had questions on the assignment the teacher could monitor the site for a period of time so the students can post questions and the teacher or other student may reply or comment to help the other person. flickr! Flickr is a online mangement and shareing application. You can add photos and let anyone comment on them. You cvan use notes to explain the photo. You can also use tags so people will be able to find them.If your house gets caught on fire and all your photos, CDs, photo albums get burned they will still be on flickr if you uploaded them. If you uploaded pictures from your phone to flickr and you maybe drooped your phone in the ocean,ect the pictures will still be on flickr.
cloud computing!!! Use to where you can store, save and share from defferent devices. If someone needs to look something up at home they could use their laptop or home computer or if they are out somewhere they can use their cell phones.
Wikipeda!! you can use wikipeda to find imformation. for example if you ned some information for a school project you can use it to get the information you need. google docs lets you share documents easier. For example a teacher could make a paper that she all wants the kids to edit she can make te document onlkine on google docs and invite te students and they all can work on it at once and edit,add to,change the document A Webcast would be where you would use a video camra set up on your computer or the built in one on your lap top to video chat with your friends, family and maybe a cousin that lives in a different part of the state or country. A prodcast ids where you could get music and post it and example of thear would be itunes! Prodcast/Webcast Google docs! Pandora!! Pandora can be used for a radio that only pl.ays the music you like. You can pick out your own songs. You type in a name of a song or artist and add it and tey will create a radio station featureing that nusic and mre like it.If your listening to the radio and songs come on that you don’t like or you don’t listen to or you cant find a statuion with music you like then you can use pandora to add songs you like and they will create your own radio station with the music you like and more like it.

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