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The White House

No description

churaina Thomas

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of The White House

How It All Started
James Hoban
Teddy Roosevelt


Ghost Of The White House
By: Churaina Thomas,
Reygene White,
Marcel Chambers
Burning of Washington
Black demon cat?
Only seen before natural disasters
DC had a rat problem so cat caretakers released a lot of cats.
East Room
''America's Grand Ballroom''
largest room in the white House.
Nations showcase for preforming arts
multipurpose room
Abigail Adams
The Situation Room
Conference room and intelligence management center.
run by national security council.
used for communications and U.S command and control for u.s forces around the world.
Churaina- how it all started,Ghost in the white house,Black Demon cat.
Reygene White-Slavery, Burning of the white house and the first Ladies
Marcel- East Room, Situation Room, and China Room.
China Room
White House china collection
First Lady Caroline Harrison
1917, First Lady Edith

Slavery in the White House
George Washington was the first President to bring slaves into the White House.
President Lincoln made America wait 100 days for him to sign the Emancipation Proclamation because he didn't want to make it look like Union was desperate.
Eleanor Roosevelt traveled around the world with African-American leaders.
Occurred in 1814
America lost to the British
The British didn't follow exact orders given by their General
First Ladies
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Michelle Obama
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