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The House of Hades

No description

Alexander Kidd

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The House of Hades

the House of Hades
Rick Riordan

Rising actions,and conflict
-cute daughter of Aphrodite powerful- can influence people easily
-bulky-lifts weights to get muscles powerful- can be anything
-slim-does not lift weights fidgety- has ADHD
-the giants are trying to destroy the world and the Romans are about to destroy Camp-Half Blood.
rising action
1. Hazel meets the Goddess of the mist.
2. Percy and Annabeth meet Bob the Titan.
3. Leo sends the Dwarves to attack the Romans.

falling actions, theme, quotes, and climax
- Percy and Annabeth get the death mist to hide themselves from the monsters.
1. Percy and Annabeth find the doors of death in Tartus
2. Reyna finds the crew in Greece
3. The crew finds the doors of death in the mortal world
- that teamwork is needed to accomplish things
memorable quotes
- ''The death mist ...that is he best plan unfortunately, it is a terrible plan.''
this means to me that some things are the best option but they

-realistic fiction
- Greece
-positive keeps annabeth going it tartus powerful son of posiden
-smart- daughter of Athena planner- makes alot of plans to help them
-tiny small compared to everyone powerful- son of Hades
-powerful- daughter of Pluto rich- can call up gewls from th eearth
-powerful- son of Jupiter fierce- practiced at Roman camp

3 facts and opinion
1. He lived in San Antonio for most of his life after being born.
2. He lived in San Antonio for most of his life after being born.
3.He was a musician for a part of his life.
I rate it a nine
1. This book is great to read after you have read the original Percy Jackson series and are looking for more Percy Jackson excitement.
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have plunged into the House of Hades and the five other demigods are left above, struggling with what seems to be a bottomless pit quandary of their own. Percy has instructed them to find and seal the Doors of Death, to close forever the access of Gaea's infernal armies. But by doing so will they also not lock Percy and Annabeth forever in the dark realms below? The action-packed penultimate episode in a super-selling Rick Riordan series.
From Barnes & Noble

was "awesome." In eight cities in eight days, he signed 10,000 books and met 8,000 fans. "But pages written while touring? Zero." Next he does a Twitter chat Friday (6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT) @iBooks. - Bob Minzesheimer
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