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Earth Has Been Struck A Small Asteroid!

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Micayla Hayden

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Earth Has Been Struck A Small Asteroid!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Earth Has Been Struck By A Small Asteroid! How will the length of of day and length of night change? How will the seasons change? There would be no change in the seasons. It would be like spring/fall all year round because there would be no tilt. What will our new climate be
like? It depends on where you live. Near the equator, it'll be like summer, but near the poles it will be closer to winter. In between a pole and the equator, it will be like spring and fall. How will these changes effect our calendar? Since the Earths rotation is longer, the days will be longer as the years. Therefore, our calendar would have to be longer, and we would have to add more months. How will these changes effect food sources? Since the season will not change at all, the animals and plants may die. Some of the trees who lose their leaves won't be able to nd because the temperature will stay the same. Animals, like lizards that need to change temperatures to survive, will die. A possible solution could be to create manmade environments for these animals. How Will The Length of a Year Change? How Will the Length of a Day Change? What will tides be like? Since the Earth's rotation has slowed, the years become shorter. The length of day would be longer since the Earth is no longer at a tilt, the rotation would slow down. The length of day and night would be longer because the Earth's rotation would slow down. Since the length of day changes, then there will be more tides. Spring and Neap tides would still be there. How will these changes effect timing? The timing will be off since the days will be longer and the years will be shorter. To fix this, we'll need to figure out how much Earth has slowed and how long days are. Calendars will need to be readjusted.
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