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Design Craft Presentation

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Maha Kamel

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Design Craft Presentation

Maha Kamel period 6 Design Craft Presentation Most difficult process: Elements of RID: I thought the Culturally Architectural design project to be the most difficult process. Building the shapes to reflect a cultural restaurant required a lot of planning. It was also a long process in developing the 3D shapes out of cardboard and using the craft blades. Shape:
I attempted to use rectangles, cylinders, and a prymid to give the design its shape. The cylinders reprsented the central point of the layers and gave a floating affect.
I used the beige,brown, orange family to stay in the Middle eastern color palate.
While using blue for a pop of color and emphasis to the central pyramid.
Off center
leaving cylinders open CARD: Elements of design the floating pyramid I felt my most successful project was the Robot initial design, although a long and tedious process I like the way it came out overall. It functioned, standing upright and featured my initials, plus it kinda looks cool! Project success Form:
Using 3D shapes I was inspired by a lot of cartoon robots to make it "cute"
Using a hexagon center body allowed for more room for initials
The dark grey hue helped to accentuate the form.
dark and light contrasts.
Why was it a success? This project although it took a long time to make all the forms was easier since we already had experience with the craft blade and making 3D shapes. Designing the initials was the most difficult. Robby the Robot
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