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Lynette Wee

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi



Community support is vital

"You can't rehabilitate an offender divorced of his family." (Goy, 2013).

“The actions of volunteers will demonstrate to ex-offenders that people from the community care and accept them.” (SACA, 2009)

Social Workers are the ones who also guide ex-offenders throughout the whole process...
(SACA, 2009)

The title ‘CommuniTEA’ came from combining the words  ‘community’ and ‘tea’.

The analogy of making a cup of tea relates to the reintegration process and how the community plays a part.

Why CommuniTEA
Step 1: Find a Tea Bag
Represents ex-offenders
Key factor
Put in effort
Receptive towards help

Step 2: Place the tea bag into a cup

Represents Society
Holds all factors together

Step 3: Pour hot water into the tea cup

Represents volunteers and family
Hot water vs Cold water
Supportive - Warm conducive environment
Unsupportive - Cold environment

Step 4: Stir the tea

Represents social workers
Stirs all ingredients together

How to make CommuniTEA
Step 5 : Enjoy the Tea!
To create public awareness about the various groups in the community involved in helping ex-offenders during their reintegration.

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory


To illustrate to the viewers the roles that a social worker, and a volunteer play in this sector.

Project Product – ME-Platform
ME-Platform = Multimedia Electronic Platform
It includes:
Video Clips
Short film

Product Literature Review
Increased in Amercian adults who read e-books (Lee et al, 2012)

This trend was also prevalent amongst the children and youth (Milliot, 2013)

Singapore in 2012, showed that 68.1% of the total population used social media at least once a week. (Rock Publicity, 2012)

Example: Locally produced short film, ‘Going Home’
29, 086 views on the 1st day;
Within 3 months: Approximately 200, 000 views

Yellow Ribbon Project is a community initiative in Singapore that aims to create awareness of the need to give second chances to ex-offenders, generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families in the community, and to inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society (Yellow Ribbon Project, 2009).

‘Yellow Ribbon’ (Wee & Looi, 2011), ‘Criminal Intent II: True Stories From Changi Prison’ (Wong, 2011)

Existing Initiatives
Process of Development
Reintegration is a community effort
Signficant others (Family) of ex-offenders
Social Workers

“In order to maintain a low recidivism rate, community support is important.”
(Singapore Prison Service, 2013.)
Existing Initiatives
Why CommuniTEA?
ME - Platform Introduction
Product Literature Review
Process of Development
Critical Analysis
Short Film
Speeds up the process
Facilitate reintegration process
Critical Analysis
Project aim and objective are met
Appropriate usage of ME-Platform and its contents

Area of improvement and future development

Design of the ME-Platform

ME-Platform interactivity

Awareness of ME-Platform


Singapore After-Care Association (SACA)
Project Supervisor , Ms Saraswathi Raja Krishnan
Short Film Director, Mr Tan Kok Hua
Film Crew
Story Editors : Mdm Angela, Ms Clare, Ms Yamini
ME-Platform : Ms Chia Kai Hui, Mr Leslie Chiew


Format of the ME-Platform

Collaboration with Singapore After-Care Association (SACA)
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