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ghadeer abuhassan

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Multimedia

Multimedia Uses
Multimedia Elements
1- Information
Let's see how can we design a professional Presentation?
To make a Multimedia application you should choose a special program such as :
2- Machines and Equipment
3- Software
Machines and Equipment
Machines that is used to present and collect the information are :
Take photo by
Record sound by:
Display device by:
is a combination of different information elements collected in one application to be presented on users using attractive and interesting way to achieve a certain goal

- Multimedia provides an interesting methods that increase students' motivation to learn.

- It allows a good opportunity to display information through displaying images, text and video clips
Multimedia is used in scientific researches, mainly for modeling and simulation .
For example researchers can see an airplane model and design it using any multimedia applications
Multimedia is used effectively in medicine where
the doctor can get training by following-up surgeries simulation, which has been designed using multimedia.
The displayed Information used in the MM presentation include :
Still Image
Animation &
Fees and static images that are displayed such as maps and application forms, landscapes and other
Depends on
Is the number of Pixels in the picture
as you increase the number of pixels, the degree of clarity will increase.
Is the Smallest part of the picture
The picture is composed of large number
of points , by collecting these points the picture will be formed.
Depends on curves and geometric shapes in its composition , where mathematical formulas are used to draw these lines and curves.
Maintains image quality while zooming in and out and characterized by small storage capacity.
It may be a background music or sound effects
Example of audio files:
1. Wav:
2. MPEG:
3. MID:
4. AIFF:
The idea of animation & video depends on dividing the Film into set of scenes. Each scene consists of numbers of frames

Displaying these frames quickly show the movement . And as the number of frames Increases per second , the movement will be more clear.
What is the meaning of frame?
It is a fixed picture from series of pictures that make a scenes
is a continuous scene which is
cut into separate frames.
Do You Know the difference between
is an independent images that
are displayed quickly to appear as a
continuous motion.
Most known video extensions are :
1.AVI :


The media elements are:
The most famous type used in Windows OS, and its large in size
Used in downloading and
uploading Sounds on the web,
its small in size
Allows Musical Instruments to communicate with computers
Used for Apple Macintosh Machines
The most used type, needs large storage capacity
Distinguished by its small storage size
compared by the other types.
An Advanced version of MPEG, used mostly in Mobile Phones.
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