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Little Buffalo Oil spill

No description

Katarina Donovan

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Little Buffalo Oil spill

Little Buffalo oil spill
happened April 29, 2011 in Edmonton Alberta Canada
What Happened?
On April 29 2011, 28,000 barrels of oil spilled out of the Rainbow pipeline system into the forest and muskeg. The spill happened near a first nations community in northwest Alberta.
This was due to a rupture in the pipeline system.

This was the largest oil spill in Alberta in about 36 years.
Why Did This Happen?
It is believed that the reason behind this is that in 2010, the company flagged a problem and dug up the pipe to repair it. The soil became insufficient and over the coarse of the year, the line sagged then broke.
Environmental Issues
Cleanup and Repair Costs
The cost of fixing the pipe and cleaning up the environment was about 132 million. The damage and costs would have been reduced if they had recognized the problem right away.
wont someone please think of the children

The oil spill took place on a Thursday but the local schools were not informed until the following Tuesday. Because of this lack of communication, the students were already affected by the time they could evacuate the school. They complained of headaches, dizziness and nausea...
Little Buffalo Oil spill
Turns out, the same pipeline had a spill in 2006 caused by corrosion
In the April 2011 oil spill, nearly 4.5 million litres of oil contaminated more than 3 hectares of beaver ponds. The oil contaminated much of the forest and muskeg.

A number of ducks and beavers either perished in the oil or were put down because of fatal chemicals.
The Cleanup Process
Vacuum trucks were used to get the product off the ground and skimmers to take it off the polluted water.
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