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Rachel Bolton

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Courtship

COURTSHIP BEHAVIOUR What is it? Courtship is a type of behaviour in a species activity, which if sucessful, results in mating and reproduction.
Courtship may involve simply a few chemical, visual, or auditory stimuli, or it could be more complex and involve a sequence of acts using different modes of communication Whats the point? Courtship allows individulas to recognice members of there own species, one of which the mate is capable of breeding. it also helps to form a pair bond to raise the offspring and enables mating to be synchronised EXAMPLE :) Peacocks The purpose of a peacocks amazing train is to attract a mate. when a peacock sees a peahen approaching, the peacock lifts his train, showing of his amazing feathers.

During the breeding season, peacocks choose special places to perform their courtship dance and mostly to return to the same location year after year. Often tehre are a few peacocks doing the same thing, and pehens choose the one with the best display- bit like window shopping.
The steps;
At first, when a peahen is near, the peacock turns his back and holds his train up, displaying the tail feathers underneath and his dark wings. He does this ans flutters his tail feathers. The peacock steps from side to side and sometimes moves forward or backward a few steps.
When the peahen approaches closer, the peacock backs up towards her, and when she avoids him, he turns, revealing all his colour and holding his wings still. He then drops the great fan down on top of the female. It quivers, making a rustling sound.
The peahen may mate with the peacock, or she may simply walk away or stand still, whereupon the male starts over, turning his back again and resuming the rapid fluttering of his wings. The peacock can hold his fan of display feathers up for a very long time.
Peahens tend to mate with peacocks with the most eye-spots. Courship behaviour is species specific- only memebers of the same species will do and prespond too that courship behaivour. this prevents inbreeding and so makes reproduction more sucessful. More info :)
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