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The Human Story

No description

Erika Muhlrad

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of The Human Story

Pi's Life on the Boat
Pi Sang to His Mother
Pi sings to his mother because he saw her die and he thought he should sing in tribute of her.
Chapter 75
The Story
The human story is what really happened because:
a. The details from the animal story make it more believable, not true. ( To suspend your disbelief)
b. The humans are based off animals, not the other way around
c. Pi is more dangerous than a tiger
d. This tragic experience needs to be coped with
e. Pi's faith was lost along the voyage and he is upset about that.

The Human Story
By Erika Muhlrad
Quote To Support
Pi admits, "Life on a lifeboat isn't much of a life. It is like an end game in chess, a game with few pieces"(Martel 274)
The animal story includes very interesting and elaborate details, to make it believable. The human story is factual, and direct.
"On the day when I estimated it was Mother's birthday, I sang "Happy Birthday" to her out loud" (Martel 264)
The men can't believe that Pi lived on a lifeboat with a tiger because it is dangerous, but really Pi was the dangerous one.
Man in the Mirror
"DO YOU KNOW WHICH IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL IN THE ZOO? An arrow pointed to a small curtain...Behind it was a mirror" (Martel 39)
Pi Must Cope
Pi is ashamed for his actions on the life boat so he needs a story that allows him to cope with the event.
Pi Knows What Did Was Wrong
On page 397, Pi tells the men , "My whole family died."
"We're sorry about that."
"Not as much as I am"( Martel 379)
Pi Needed to Rationalize
When Pi landed in Mexico, it occurred to him that he had become unfaithful in his religions on the lifeboat to survive.
"Richard Parker, it's over. We have survived. Can you believe it" (Martel 361)
Believing in the Human Story
Dangerous Pi
Believing in the human story doesn't mean you are not a believer.
I means that you believe in Pi and his "inner tiger", as well as having faith in yourself. "Non-Believers" believe in the TRUTH!
The Better Story
"Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals" (Martel 398)
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