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AtSite's All Hands Meeting December 2013

No description

Marketing Team

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of AtSite's All Hands Meeting December 2013

Big Trends
Competing on Analytics
Smart Mobility
Technology Blurs Boundaries
Cloud Computing
Takes Off, ... Finally
The Power of the Individual Will Spur Innovation
Government's Role in Innovation Grows
Team 1
Industry Trends
increased smart building

Correlative Insights From Data & Analytics
Growth in Smart Building
Managed Services Market
How Do We Maintain Our Lead?
Olav Hegland
Mohamed Abaza
Justin Lee
Romano Dickerson
Sam Quinn
Team 2
Chris DiLiberto
Andrew Jones
Leah Creswell
Everita Safra
Team 3
Chris Catalano
Charles Jackson
Brandon Chase
Samantha Stafford
Shanthi Vallapalli
Walker Bolger
Zak Kaylor
Team 4
Tim Clark
Dan Last
Jenna Mikus
Andrea Hidalgo
Team 5
Rich Morgan
Derek Watson
Kevin Haggerty
Mit Patel
Adnan Sheikh
Lauren Hamlett-Carter
Team 6
Davor Kapelina
Alan Freidman
Dan Martin
Page Gravely
Steve Black
Team 7
Charles Norman
Javorka Saracevic
Bryan Stoddard
Pedro Best
Chuck Cerria
Man vs. Machine.
AtSite Prevails.
9/8 CST
$1.1 B
$297 M
What Can We Expect?
More demand
More defined competitors
More informed buyers
More industry partnerships
AtSite will continue its evolution and growth
in managed services by accelerating our application of technology, best practices and client collaboration while focusing on clients, and associated engagements, that maximize
the use our professional management skills.

AtSite 2014 Strategy
The heat and energy that gets it done.
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