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Jessie tatiana shelby

this is for an ela class!

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Transcript of Jessie tatiana shelby

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Lottery Point of view It is told in third person omniscient Theme man kinds evil nature is hidden
behind traditions and rituals. -Joe Summers- communtiy man, nice, friendly
-Tessie Hutchinson-outgoing,nervous,whiney, naive
-Old man warner- grumpy, rude, very tradional
-Towns people(very nervous, relieved that it wasn't them)

Conflict Characters & Characterization Tessie vs. Village Tradition(man vs. Socitey)
Tessie vs. Towns People ( man vs. man)
June 27, clear and sunny summer day,
in the town square. (village) Exposition:
-The children pile up rocks
-People gather at the town square for the annual
tradition, "The Lottery"
-Mr. Summers brings the box out and mixes the papers
around Rising Action:
-Mr. Summers explains "The
Lottery" and the rules
-He calls the names of all the families
for attendance
-The "Lottery" starts and the male of the
family picks a paper Climax:
-The Hutchinson's family picked the dot
-Tessie objects and explains how it wasn't fair and they
should start over
-The whole family goes and each member picks a
paper Falling Action:
-Tessie has the dot and objects once again
how it isn't fair and they should start over Resolution:
-The town sticks to the traditions because it's always been that way and it's all they know
-She is stoned to death
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