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Roles of a sport coach

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Jack Richardson

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Roles of a sport coach

What makes a good Coach
Roles of a sport coach
Role model
Equal opportunity's
This is a vital aspect of sports and for coaches to take on. . However sometimes other factors impact a descion on when a player should be given a opportunity such as race, religion, gender, social economic status, ability and sexual preference. This is wrong as none of these factors impact a individuals ability to play a sport and are only considered for wrong reasons such as racism or homophobia. It is important to make sure their is equal opportunity's as you never know where fresh talent is going to come from. When coaching a session the coach should cater to the needs of these different groups and not spend more time on selective people. This is because it will make the segregated individuals feel unwelcome.However in professional sport everyone in sport should get judged on their skill and attitude as it is serious competition.

This is a statement from the organization KICK IT.
"• KICK IT Sports Coaching is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the organisation at every level. Sport belongs to and should be enjoyed by everyone, equally. Our commitment is to confront and eliminate discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability. Equality of opportunity at KICK IT Sports Coaching means that in all our activities we will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably, on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability." This is a good organisation as it helps enforce equal opportunities in sport.
Gregor Townsend MBE is the head coach for the Glasgow warriors. It is his job to ensure that everyone in the squad is judged only due to ability. He cant discriminate against rugby players in his squad due to something irrelevant like sexual preference as this would be homophobic and wrong.
Role model
A role model is someone players can look up too in the chosen sport . A coach can do this by being positive and always encouraging players to not be discriminant. It is important coaches are role models for the morale of the team. If players don't want to look up to a coach because of wrong views or general negative behavior it will make players lose enthusiasm and make them less likely to listen to their words. Also if the coach is a role model a player or kid will want to be liked by the coach so they will adopt their views partly to impress the coach. It is very important for coaches teaching children to maintain a role model appearance. This is because young kids are very impressionable, if the coach shows bad traits then the kids may also develop them too. Being a role model isn't just about sport but how you carry yourself off the pitch as well. This can mean not fighting or doing anything stupid that would give you and the sport a bad name. An example of this is NFL player Adreian Peterson. Recently he was accused of physically abusing his son. This reflected badly on him but also the sport because their linked with someone who abuses children. Obviously Adrian Peterson is a bad role model because he is a good sports man but has set wrong example by physically abusing a minor. Coaches who are role models will often have a real love for the sport, they can show this by their life long dedication to it, For example in football Roy Keane had a long career at Man UTD. He is now a manager and a lot of players will respect him because he played for one of the best clubs in the world. Football players will want to be like him so they look up to him as a role model. Because of this they will model his behaviors and attitudes because he made it so far. Having coaches that are role models in sport is important for professional standard as it makes professionals play better and be more coherent, but it is also just as important for amateurs. The reason is that a lot of youth may be swayed by crime or gang culture. Having a coach who is a role model and came from a similar are may be a boast for kids to stay away.. Also involving more kids in sport will help them get more active and healthier. This is what a role model can do.
Another Role model is Thiery Henry. Over the years of his excellent football career Theiry also backed campaigns to stand up to racism in sport, like Stand Up, Speak Up . He raised 6 million Euros for the campaign along with other footballers. "All money raised went to support European anti-racism projects and initiatives, administered by the King Baudouin Foundation. "
Being a innovator is to think outside the box. This is coming up with new ground breaking ideas in your sport. This is a role that the best coaches have. The main concept of it is coming up with original ideas that will give you the edge over opposition. Being a innovator is valued trait in a coach. If you can come up with original ideas in a already established sport you will become highly acclaimed and likely earn a lot of money. Its hard to do but if you can find that little tweak to the sport it will pay off, as often with new original ideas people cant adapt to them quickly and become unstuck. A coach can be a innovator by not being scared of conventional sport and daring to take risks. This can come through by experimenting with new formations, practicing tricky combinations and thinking up c clever plays. A common example of a innovator could be Dick Fosbury. When Dick started high jump everyone was doing a traditional jump over a pole. Dick worked on his own technique which is now know as the Fosbury flop. This new technique use by Dick allowed him to get more power into the jump and get higher. After that competition more and more people started using the jump. Now everybody uses the Fosbury flop. This is a drastic example of innovation which completely changed the landscape of high jump.
It is always important to be a friend to your players as at the end of the day their just human. Without showing a bit of kindness players may get a bit anxious about being part of the club as they will think you just want to use up their skill and not care about their well being. The reason it is so important a friendship is formed is due to the large amount of time a athlete will see the coach. If they can get a friendship going and the coach begins to learn about the athletes personality then the coach can use it to push the athlete in the right direction and also know the limitations of the athlete. A good coach will be careful when establishing a friendship with a player. They will make sure the player knows boundaries and still respects their authority. Being a friend can make a player feel better when receiving criticism because they know its only about improvement which is important. A coach can be a friend by simply asking how a players coping and just having general talks. Often at professional clubs teams will go on team bonding days out to raise chemistry, these will often be tasks where they work together like building a raft. Coaches will also go out with athletes on a drink up to celebrate wins which builds friendships due to association of good times. Overall a good coach friend will be positive of the team and stick up for them caring about their psychological needs as well as physical. A coach who can be a friend is Bill Belichick. In this video Bill is complementing his team praising them for their hard efforts. This is something a friend would do as he is trying to raise their spirits after a recent loss and protect them fro negative press as he says they played a lot of back to back games and worked incredibly hard recently.


Being a good trainer is a handy skill for a coach. It involves keeping all your athletes physically fit and also teaching them new skills for the sport. It also involves making sure athletes are performing at their best capabilities and if their not getting them their. To do this they should know about fitness in general but also sport specific activities that will increase skill. When designing a program their are many factors to take into account. For example their may be a experience gap between the players so you may need to split the group into intermediate and advanced. Other factors can be age, interests and experience. A coach needs to be a good trainer because if athletes are not at peak fitness level then they wont be achieving the best of their ability. Also in non competitive sporting situations like for example recreational boxing, if an individuals isn't being pushed and improving they may feel that theirs no point attending and just quit, this is because they wont see the befits. You know a coach is a good trainer when they utilize every second at their disposal to efficiently to increasing some skill or fitness. They will teach their clients perfect form and by the end of an extended period such as 4 weeks a client should see some gains, weather that's muscle, stamina or knowledge of skill. A good trainer is Greg Jackson. He is a MMA trainer and has to constantly teach MMA submissions to his athlete. Jackson has been hailed in the MMA community for the stamina of his fighters and their vast MMA knowledge.
Health and safety
This is a vital skill for a sports coach to have. Health and safety refers to the coach ensuring the health and safety act is kept regarding to sporting terms and also sport specific rules are kept to as well. E.G javelins throwers at training should make sure no ones throwing before collecting a javelin or vice versa. If the clients are under 18 years old their are more legal complications. For example you assume duty of care which means while its your session you have to make sure none of the kids come t harm that cant be prevented. It is important a coach knows about health and safety to stop harmful incidents that may occur to staff or athletes. The basics of health and safety involve assessing risk in the sporting environment, reducing likelihood of risk when possible and dealing with injuries appropriately. A good successful coach will do everything they can to prevent injury. However in sport injuries and risks are inevitable. Their are two types of injuries that will occur they are intrinsic are extrinsic. An intrinsic injury is something about the human body that may cause a risk such as a muscle imbalance which results in harm to a player. Where as extrinsic risks are accidents that occur due to out worldly events. This could be a risk such as it starts hailing, with serious rain during a match which will cause injury due to slipping. As a further aspect of health and safety it is recommended and usually sort after that coaches have experience in first aid training. This can help reduce the severity of injury and time of recovery. However athletes and kids should still see a doctor if the accident was anything related to the head, they broke or fractured a bone or if theirs major swelling. This would be bad for the reputation of the club as they would look incompetent but also would set back progress due to loss of players or staff. A coach can make sure their enforced by ensuring all staff and club members know the health and safety at work act as a starter but also imposing sanctions like fines for breaking rules that may harmful to theirs or others health. An example of this would be England Cricket coach Peter Moore. In training and match day Peter will make sure his batter is wearing a helmet to stop damage if the ball hit the batters head. Peter would also make sure all the cricketers have correct protective clothing like thigh pads. Another example of ensuring a health and safety is making sure their is a first aid kit at their training games. This is in result of injury Peter can safely administer first aid quickly if the first aid box is near, which reduces injury. Their should also be someone in the squad who is first aid trained. Abideing to health and safety regulations like this just ensure that all injuries can be kept to a minamal as possible this is good for the players and the sport as theey dont have to worry about risk.
Professional conduct
Professional conduct is a common aspect of most jobs. However it can be commonly referred to in sport . Conduct can be related to being a role model. Conduct is when you maintain a politically correct persona. The manager shouldn't use offensive language or speak in a harsh tone. The manager or coach should also wear appropriate clothing and communicate with individuals accordingly. They should show a relevant knowledge of the sport, with qualifications from the appropriate NGBS to back it up. This shows that their certified by the correct bodies and that the NGB's think their good enough to coach. If you were amateur and you didn't have these quantification you could be anyone and cause damage to your clients. They should also promote fair play, honesty and at all times lead by example and show respect to opposition, staff and referees by respecting their decisions. Fair play has been seen a lot in sports and is a important aspect. Specifically in football with the the fair play campaign, which is often shown on bill boards during games. NGBS have set certain rules and regulations that a coach should abide by. These rules determine weather a coach is acting professionally or not as they may not abide by their rules. Their not professional if they don't follow the rules as their disrespecting their contractual obligations set by the governing bodies. Other important aspects are dressing accordingly for events such as at a football game a manager should wear a suit or items of clothing with the clubs crest on. If they dont wear either it looks like they just came in their casual cloths and it will look careless. That is why a managers like Harry Rednap is always wearing a suit, or Arsne Wenger usually wears a big arsneal trench coat. Also rewarding players where they have put good effort in. This is good as if you positively reinforce a player for doing well they will repeat it. This is an important aspect of sports as sports should be a family friendly event and if harsh language is being used it can spoil it for kids. Also if its not PC and for example homophobic comments are used by the coach it can make individuals form that certain group feel unwelcome and offended. A coach can make sure it is enforced by enciteing fines or punishments for anyone who doesn't maintain professional conduct and teach them about why it is so important. A good example of coaches not using professional conduct is Arsne Wenger and Jose Mourinho. While at a football game these coaches collided and nearly came to blows over a refs decision. This is unacceptable as its a football game so their should be no violence. Misconduct like this will give a bad impression to kids watching and make them think that its okay to get rowdy at football,
Three common skills of a sports coach
Problem solving
Time management
Knowledge of the coaching
Sports coaches should always know the environment they are delivering a session in, before the activity. The venues for sport can changing resulting in different knowledge and individual hazards such as outdoor pitches where the pitch may be frozen over this could cause damage to the players by inflicting damage to their legs when running on hard ground. Their are other venues a coach has to be aware of such as indoor pitch, AstroTurf, gymnasiums, mullti sports areas, gyms and sports halls. The coach should know the area of the facility and how he can best utilize them to their needs. The coach should know the essentials for delivering a session to stop unnecessary wastes of time for E.G. knowing where the equipment cupboard is for the sports session before, to avoid having to ask and look unprofessional. The main point of knowing the coaching environment is so that the coach looks professional and well prepared. In turn this should boast the players confidence and enthusiasm in the coach. An example of someone who should know to check sporting surroundings is Mike Zimmer. He is the head coach for the Minosota Vikings. As Mike is very high up in his sport he doesn't want to risk his players getting injured so safety checks will be carried out at their stadium and also all the training facilities they use. This is because it is his job to employ people who will look after these aspects. If a player gets injured due to one of them its him who will suffer too.
Mike also will be very aware of the staduim and training grounds. As a good coach Mike will utilize the size of the training ground. For example if the training ground is big Mike can split the squad into two and do two different sessions one for 1st team and 2nd as the space is so big. As american football needs a lot of equipment Mike will know a close area to a store it so its quickly acsesbable when its training time. All of these things controbute to the players respect for Mike as it shows good well tohught out preparation. It sets coaches apart as it requires them to go a little bit further for their team.
A coach needs to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. They need to be able to do this with other staff, officials like referees, parents, other clubs and members at a sports center. Their are three types of communication used in sport which are non verbal, verbal and listening skills. Non verbal communicating is often unintentional and comes across to people when they look at you. This is in terms of negative and positive body language. It is very key to be aware of this as a coach, as maintaining negative body language all the time will make a coach appear moody and unapproachable. This is bad obviously as the players will be scared to give feed back to the coach and then they wont be able to improve on faults. When communicating non verbally their is the basics that every coach should know. These are common techniques such as hand signals, gestures and demonstrations. Demonstrations are used in training sessions so the coach can show exactly how they want it done. Hand signals will be used while in a match or competition. This is because pitches for sport may be big and the coach cant get their voice across so a hand signal has to do. Also a coach may want to employ new tactics with out shouting so the other team know, so they make up code hand signals. Listening skills is also a key factor in communication with coaches. The main point is that their is clear understanding between coaches and individuals. When listening you should maintain eye contact as its polite and makes the person talking feel like your giving them time. When listing you should also restrain from interrupting the speaker or adding in points till the end. Verbal communication is obviously the most frequently used out of all the types. When activating in a verbal communication the coach should be aware that their voice is loud enough. They should also speak in a positive enthused way. When talking about the sport, esspaically for kids avoid using jargon. After talking to the individuals the coach should make sure that everybody understands and allow for questions. It is very important that all types of communication are used in sport effectively. They should be used if a coach needs to rely a certain message to a player, such as if Brenden Rogers manager of Liverpool needs to tell Jordan Henderson to push up froward more he can do so with hand gestures. This way hes not interrupting the play calling him over. Also Brenden Rogers may need to drill home a point about a defensive problem at half time. So when he's talking he will speak calmly and clearly so the defenders understand him.
Multiple problems will occur in a sporting environment. These will halt progress or cause danger to participants. Their is always an efficient way to deal with problems as such. Its a coaches job to find the most time efficient way how to. Problems will be due to any number of reasons such as individuals taking part, faulty equipment, facility's, transport and opponents. It is the coaches job to solve these problems, usually on the spot so a game or training session can carry on as normal. The coach may solve a problem in any appropriate way such as a rugby teams opponents not turning up, so the coach organizes a 7's match between the whole squad to keep the team fresh and so they can have fun. It is important for a coach to use problem solving so that obstacles that may impede progress can be overcome. If a coach couldn't problem solve then training would be impossible and athletes under the coach would become bored due to constant stops. An example of this would be Tony Sims. This is the trainer of olympic gold medalist Antony Joshua. In Antony last fight he beat his opponent in the 2:49 minutes of the first round. He was scheduled for a full ten rounds which he has never gone. Because he didn't go the full ten round Antony told the press latter that Tony made him go back stage and do a full ten rounds equivalent of pad work straight after the fight. This is to simulate going the distance in an actual fight to prevent Antony's stamina getting worse and so also he can have a near authentic feeling of being fatigued and energy less on fight night.
Being time efficient is one of the most important aspects of coaching, Being a good time manager is making sure a plan is kept too and their is no prolonged sessions. It is also about the meeting of targets. Their are different levels of athletes and individuals such as pro to amateur. Amateur clients are the most in need of a time efficient program as they probably have to place it between work and other barriers and responsibility. So therefore they cant afford to wait around or stay longer at a session. To ensure that time will be used effectively the coach must set an exact time to begin a session and start regardless of individuals begin late, the venue must be booked, the session should be preplanned before hand with the appropriate equipment out and ready for use. Time management should also be applied to the actual training sessions. The coach should be careful not to spend to much time on certain activity's and then not have enough time for activity's after. The coach should also be ready to cut activity's that are not vital to the aims of the session to allow more time. At the end of the session the athletes should be aware of future training sessions. A coach can ensure time management by being punctual and making sure their athletes are punctual. Also when doing activity's the coach should have a stop watch or make a mental note to not let task carry on too long like e.g. spending 15 minutes on a warm up when you only need 5. A good example of time management is Kelly Telkin. This is Jon Jones strength and conditioning coach. Jon Jones is a MMA fighter. Time management is very important in MMA as most MMA fighters will have a pre 8 week training camp of which they will likely train 4 times a day. They will need to alternate training sessions between Jui Jiujitsu, Strength and conditioning and other sessions like boxing. This all has to be meticulous planned out while meeting certain goals. As Kelly Telkin is a conditioning coach it is her job to make sure Jones meets his weight cut with is a hard task. To do this she needs to plan sessions out towards the end of the camp. She will constantly weight Jones trying to get him closer to his weight limit upping the intensity of the diet and workout to ensure they meet the goals in the time set.
Contrast and Comparing Coaches
For my coaches I have chosen Jose Mouriho and Adam Both
Jose Mournho is hailed by newspapers and football critics as one of the best managers around. He has won numerous titles around the world in lots of different leagues including the champions league twice. Apart from his good record his off pitch tactics and personality have also got him in the news. In this aspect him and Adam Both are similar. Adam has had a lot of success with fighters and has had an impressive roaster including such figthers as David Haye,David Price and George Groves.

One aspect that makes Jose a good manager is time management. This is a quote from the bleacher report article on Jose "his preparation for matches almost goes unchallenged. Mourinho can often work 16-hour days between coaching, player management, scouting and preparing dossiers on his team's next opponents. With this kind of work ethic he shows his players that he too is willing to put in the long hours it takes to be successful." This shows Jose putting in extensive work before matches and preparing for a next game. This quote also shows Jose has put to use analytical skill as he "prepares dossiers on opponents." From this he can observe a teams strong and weak points and determine adjustments to his team to use it as a advantage.
Adam Boath also posses some of those qualities. In the boxing world analyzing a next opponent is one of the key factors in having the edge. Adam will often watch fights of his next fighters opponent, study and observed weak points in their game. To this he can teach his fighters how to manipulate weak spots. For example Carl Froch a previous opponent of Adams fighter Groves leaves his left hand very low. This is a bad habit and makes him susceptible to a left hook. Adam would of noticed this and drilled Groves to utilize the quick left hook. Also Adam has to be a time manager. This is due to the nature of the weight cut in pugilistic sports. None of Adams fighters have ever missed weight which is a very good thing. This is due to constant time management of Adam making sure his fighters are hitting their targets. Overall both these coaches posses these traits. However due to the different nature of the sports they employ them in different ways.

On the other hand a trait Jose has that Adam could be said dose not is friendship. This quote from the same article earlier demonstrates friendship in the team "He learned under Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal, as an assistant coach, that the key to being a successful manager is having a successful relationship with your players. If that foundation does not exist, no amount of coaching or tactical know how will do you any good." This is about the forming of friendships with Jose and his players. He recognizes that its so important because without their friendship he cant use his influence to change the team. Recently a lot of fighters left Adams gym. This has been due to various reasons. One provided by George Groves was a lack of trust. 'It's nice having someone in your corner who you trust and respect but sometimes you don't have that and when you don't, it's time to move on,' Groves told Sky Sports. This shows breakdown in communication and friendship. George states that their was also a loss of respect but doesn't say why. This could be due to any number of reasons. However maybe if Adam was more friendly and built a better relationship by communicating with George it wouldn't of happened. This is contrasting to Jose, as ex players of the manager often praise him and rarely ever say anything bad. In retrospective its hard to compare the two managers on friendship due to the cruel personality side of boxing. But overall i think its clear that Jose can keep a much better repoar with athletes.

Jose encountered fame for his innovation in 2004 when his Porto team beat Man UTD. He employed a 4-2-3-1 formation this was unusual as the formation was not often used back then. Porto's formation proved as a great tactic against UTD's 4-4-2. This shows great innovation by Jose as he used a uncommon formation which could of been risky and came out on top. Now days a lot of people use this formation because of Jose's success. Adam is also an innovator in his sport. This is due to him taking risks with unknown fighters and bringing them up to be prominent stars in the boxing industry like David Haye. Apart from that Adam has also worked with female figthers like Cathy Brown. This is uncommon as a lot of accomplished trainers will only focus on male fighters as theirs more money in the sport for them, this shows he is a innovative coach.

As noted before earlier in the presentation Jose has been involved in negative press by getting into a scrap with another manager. This is bad professional conduct and shows poorly on the sport. This is not how a professional coach should act and Jose should know better. This goes against professional conduct as the FA state that their should be no physical violence or animosity between any players or staff on the pitch, because Jose has gone against that their is a blatant disregard for the NGBs rules. It is hard to show bad professional conduct in boxing s theirs a lot of smack talk. While Adam does act tough and put on a unique hard man persona he has never actually gone against the rules of any boxing NGB's rules by committing disallowed acts or by any of his figthers missing weigth.

A trait that sets Mourihno apart from most coach's not just Adam both is communication. In Zlatan Ibrahimovic's book 'I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic' he speaks about Mourinho in a very respectful and appreciative tone. In the book he praises the coach about how he used to send personal texts and how he even used to talk to his girlfriend and family. Overall Zlatan said Jose was a thoughtful personal manager while being firm. Also other than being an effective communicator to his players, he is also to media from other country's as he is fluent in spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and some Catalan, also in recent interviews Jose has demonstrated some German and French which would suggest that he is learning them aswell. He has been nicknamed the translator because of all these qualities, as this makes able to communicate to all of his players individually without someone else. This makes it personal and makes it so they defiantly understand. Its not a coincidence that all the country's languages Jose knows just happen to be where the best footballers come from. Jose controls his emotions in order to relate to the team, He has mentioned that instead of shouting and screaming at players a lot stop as there is a time and place for both. Forming this sort of balance right will be the difference between failure and success when communicating with players in situations.

However Adam does have a bit more of a grasp on health and safety. Adam has to have a great knowledge of health and safety in a sport like boxing. Due to Adams extensive knowledge of of the human body which i stated earlier this is a massive advantage for him as he can see when a fighter is in trouble and throw in the towel, if he has too. When in training Adam should make sure all fighters have mouth guards in with the appropriate weight gloves. Also fighters that aren't professional should have head guards on when sparring to avoid injury. Another job of Adams with health and safety is to avoid fighters from abuse as well. This is hard to do in boxing as their is a lot corrupt promoters in the sport. As part off health and safety Adam should make sure equipment is good following PPE and he should make sure all accidents are reported to RIDDOR. Adam is very qualified coach. Not just covering the skill arts of boxing but also the anatomy of the human body which will inevitably give him an advantage. "Alongside his boxing career, Adam also studied Anatomy and Physiology as well as Injury Rehabilitation. Adam ran a leading sports clinic for three years and went on to eventually lecture in Anatomy and Physiology for Premier Training International for 5 years. Adam also implemented and masterminded the development and high standard of training at the leading health and fitness gym, The Third Space, London." This would make Adam ideal for health and safety. This is because of his vast knowledge about injuries. If a fighter of his did happen to get hurt he could tell how serious it was and whether they should carry on training. This is useful as it avoids further risk of injury or even permanent damage to the individual. While Jose is a very intelligent coach he doesn't have the previous medical background that Adam has. This could be a problem as Jose may overlook a simple bang on the head or swelling which could turn into a much bigger problem. However Chelsea is a massive team and have a lot of medical physicians looking after their players.

A trait that both coaches arguably have is problem solving. this is necessary in both sports as in football a key player migth get injured and which will effect the play. To get round this Jose has and often will make sure theirs multiple players ready to take his place. Another tactic Jose will use to avoid the repercussions of injuries is switch up the formation so that the key player isnt needed, for example if Jose was using 4-3-2-1 and a Centre offensive forward was injured, who didn't have a replacement. Jose could just change to a 4-4-2. Adam Boath will also enocunter Problems which need solving. A massive problem in boxing is southpaws. This is because they are uncommon and boxers arnt used to training with them so when they fight a south paw they aren't used to it. What Adam migth do is make them train with south paws often use tactics like circle the other way when your figthing a southpaw as you moving away form the big left hand that will cause damage. A common problem in boxing is fighters pulling out before fights. This can be hard to adjust to if you trained for a specific figther however a good trainer like Adam will be ready no matter what, and quiclkly make a new game plan for the figther.

Both coaches share the smae passion for qual oppertunities among sport. Mourihno was quted saying when asked about rasicsm in football "if you are good you prove you deserve the job" . Mourhnon has showed he approves of equal oppertunties by his sqauds often being very diverse in age and ethnisity. Mourihno only judges on skill which is like adam boaath. Adam has awide vairt of boxers in his roaster rangeing from females, too young and poor. Because adam only care about the skill and attitude of a fighther he doesnt care about economic social classand wont disrimnate.These are traits all coaches should have.

Adam Boath
Jose Mourinho
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