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Visitor attractions

No description

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Visitor attractions

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Eden project
London Eye
London Eye
Eden Project
Interesting facts about it:
A team effort
A view fit for a Queen
Flying high
Heavyweight champion
The only way is up
Tons of fun
Up, up and away
Blast off
(London eye, 2013)

Promoting the attraction by Events Calendar
Exposure is promoting the attraction
London 2 for 1 attraction discounts (Handforrd, 2012)
The London Pass:
Free entry to over 60 attractions including London Eye
Fast track entry
Optional travel card to cover transport needs
20 exclusive special offers
Money back Guarantee

Visitor Attractions in UK and their role in promoting the destination
Launched in June 2006 by Queen Elisabeth (Cornwall,2012).

Designed by Nicholas Grimshaw (Bissegger, 2006).

Has became a major Green destination (European Business Review, 2012).

The largest indoor rainforest in the world (BBC, 2013).

“How to grow a planet” project (BBC, 2012).

At the same level with Egyptian Pyramids (Smit, 2012).
Leading attraction operators and organizations
The first national public museum in the world- The British Museum was founded in 1753. (The British Museum, 2014)
The British Museum collection counts 8 million objects. (The British Museum, 2014)

'The British Museum has had its most successful year to date with 6.7m visits, up 20% on 2012 and beating 2008's previous record of six million.' (BBC, 2014)

The oldest object in the museum is a stone chopping tool made nearly 2 million years ago.
(The British Museum, 2014)

The British Museum promoted by director Neil MacGregor's BBC Radio 4 series A History of the World in 100 Objects. (The Guardian, 2011)

'The museum is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.' (The British Museum, 2014)

An entry to the museum is free of charges (The British Museum, 2014)
Media advertising spend, by leading UK visitor attractions operators and organizations, 2009-2012
Visitor Attractions
'A visitor attraction is a feature in an area that is a place, venue or focus of activities and does the following things.
1. Sets out to attract visitors/day visitors from resident or tourist populations, and is managed accordingly.
2. Provides a fun and pleasurable experience and enjoyable way for customers to spend their leisure time.
3. Is developed to realize this potential.
4. Is managed as an attraction, providing satisfaction to its customers.
5. Provides an appropriate level of facilities and services to meet and cater to the demands, needs, and interests of its visitors.
6. May or may not charge an admission for entry.'
(Swarbrooke, 2002 p.4)
(Imvisitinglondon, 2012).
Half term fun
Storytelling every day
Rainforest Canopy Walkway
Ice skating on the rink
Flagship attractions used to pull
visitors in (Smale, 2006)
Aims of the presentation

In this presentation we will define the term Visitor Attractions
Outline the different types of Visitor Attractions
Examine, using real-life cases, different ways of promoting a Visitor Attraction

Madame Tussauds
Types of Visitor Attractions
Visitor attractions are constituted from a combinations of services and resources, also known as
Total Tourism Product

Resources are the essential part of the destination, which makes up the attraction for tourists
Natural resources
Built environment resources
Sociocultural resources
Services are provided to make it possible for tourists to visit the attraction
Transport services
Hospitality services
Support services
(Davidson and Maitland, 1997)
Difficulties in promoting UK as a tourism destination?
'Visitor attractions are at the heart of the tourism industry, they are motivators that make people want to take a trip in the first place'
(Swarbrooke, 2000 p.267)
Visitor attractions
Types of visitor attractions
How to manage a visitor attraction
How to promote a visitor attraction
Difficulties in promoting UK visitor attractions
Promotion of different tourist sectors
Eden Project
London eye
British Museum
Madam Tussauds
Forecasts visits to UK attractions
Visitor attractions promoting in movies
Sports events and tourists destinations

The above presentations has:
identified the types of visitor attractions
described some of the most important destinations in UK
mentioned the importance of promotion to the attraction
looked at future perspective of the attractions
The visitors attractions are playing a crucial role for the significance and importance of United Kingdom in the entire world.

Different destinations across the UK have increased the tourists number and have boost country's economy as well.

The future of british attractions looks bright and promises major changes in order to sustain the sustainability and to amaze its visitors.

(Mintel, 2013)
(Mintel, 2013)
Forecasts visits to UK attractions , 2008-2018
Promotion of different tourist sectors
Non-profit and voluntary sector
Major stakeholder in the provision of tourism resources
- Play an important role in the community, such as museums or parks
- Catered for families to have days out
- Attract customers through the idea of "Helping others" (Miller,2013)
Public sector
Essential in provision of tourism-related infrastructure
- It is vital for the local authorities
- Tourist attractions are treated as the mainstream economic activity
- More resources are devoted to public tourist attraction (VisitEngland, 2009)
Private sector
Important for tourism by the means of its enterprise sector, which provides tourist destinations with enormous variety of facilities and services

- Customer-product exchange
- Either sales or market strategies are applied
- 7 P's
(Davidson and Maitland, 1997)

How are they promoted ?
Finding the competitors
Planning an integrated visitor attraction
Build the brand values
Connect the visitors, stakeholders and owners
(Booker, 2010)
Bad weather
'So we must configure more of our destinations and attractions around ‘all-weather’
products wherever possible and practical, and mandate the new industry-led
VisitEngland to help and advise firms and destination managers in the sector on how
to achieve the transition successfully.'
(Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 2011)
Economic situation
(Page and Connell, 2006 p.182)
How to manage a visitor attraction?
'It is important for managers of attractions to recognize visitor experience if they wish to capture repeat visits and stimulate recommendations, as well as provide a good core product.'
Visitor attractions promoting in movies
Antony House
Sports events and tourist destinations
Olympic Games 2012

• Wax museum of sculptures located in the heart of London, Baker Street
• Founded in 1835 by Mary Grosholtz, which after marrying Francois Tussaud, becomes Mary Tussaud
• Tussaud’s first sculpture was of Voltaire, she made in 1777 together with the creation of an idea of a wax museum of sculptures
• Numerous wax sculptures are collected in the museum of politicians, actors and actresses, singers and etc.
(Madame Tussauds, 2014)

- Marketing, promotion and ownership of Madame Tussauds is operated by Merlin Entertainment
- Ways of promotion:
London Days Out
*Annual passes
*Special Offers for specific holidays
*Special prices for groups
* Advertisements, such as LOGOs, posters and any kind of constructions
(Merlin Entertainments, 2014)

"events can become the most common channel through which visitors satisfy their desire to sample local foods and traditions, participate in games, or are entertained. Local and regional events can have the added advantage of keeping the domestic tourism market active".
Getz (1991,p. 67)
'After appearing in Tim Burton's film version of Alice in Wonderland, Antony House, the National Trust-run 18th century Cornish mansion, saw visitor numbers quadruple from 25,000 to nearly 100,000 last summer.'
(The Guardian, 2011)
'The Games’ biggest impact may be as a showcase for the UK as a tourist destination and London as a digital city, with the government expecting to gain £1 billion worth of PR(Public Relations) and marketing exposure through the event.'
(Mintel, 2011)
(The Telegraph, 2011)
'The popularity of the Harry Potter books and films has helped boost visitor numbers to Oxford's Christ Church Cathedral.'
Oxford's Christ Church Cathedral
(BBC, 2012)
Hogwarts' dining hall was based on Christ Church's Great Hall
(Inquirelive, 2013)
(Mintel, 2013)
(BBC, 2012)
(Leask, 2003)
Bad economic environment can negatively affect the work capacity of a visitor attraction
- Demand will decrease, which will also bring to the decrease of supply
- Increase in prices
- Increase in infrastructure cost
- Possible shortages in staff
(UNEP, 2014)
(Badflipblog, 2010)
(Edenproject, 2011)
(Stockpictures, 2012)
(Britishmuseum, 2011)
(Madametussauds, 2014)
(Page and Connell, 2006 p.186)
(Standard, 2013)
(Matern, 2006)
£50 a year(£35 if you’re under 26)- membership
free access to special exhibitions
From £20 a year- special offer for children
Six sleepovers a year*
A range of exclusive events*
Magazines three times a year
A Membership bag packed with goodies
A birthday card on the Young Friend's birthday

Sleepover price
£35 per person, includes breakfast, overnight accommodation and materials for activities.
(The British Museum, 2014)
(Page and Connell, 2006, p.197)
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