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Copy of Watermelon vs. Seed Idea


Kelli Rao

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Watermelon vs. Seed Idea

Presentation by: Daniel Kim
Watermelon vs. Seed Idea
A watermelon idea is an idea that is very general, and as a result is very "big".
A watermelon idea usually lasts for a very long period of time and includes a wide variety of events.
A watermelon idea is filled with seed ideas.
What is a Watermelon Idea?
A seed idea is an idea that is specific, unlike a watermelon idea - as a result, it is small.
A seed idea usually takes a very short amount of time and is only one specific moment or event.
What is a Seed Idea?
Watermelon ideas are NOT good to write about as they tend to become a list and/or too general.
Pick out the seed ideas in the watermelon idea and write about those specific moments in time - you can easily write a whole story about a few seconds.
So what's the whole point?
Watermelon idea = big, general idea - long time
Seed idea = small, specific idea - short time
What's the difference?
Try to label the watermelon ideas with a "W" and the seed ideas with a "S".
*Being able to tell the difference between a seed idea and a watermelon idea is the first step to being able to write great stories with small moments!
Time for the activity!
A seed idea is also called a "small moment" because it is a specific, short period of time.
Just like a tiny seed, when planted and taken care of, grows into a majestic, towering tree, your seed idea, with your work, will grow into a powerful, beautiful piece of writing.
What is a Seed idea? cont.
You have to ZOOM into the small moment...
Now that you've finished, let's go over YOUR writing!
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