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How to be a good digital citizen when using Instagram. Also show how to use Instagram.

Grace Carlson

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of Instagram

How to use Instagram while being appropriate and having fun!
Posting Videos
How It Works
Posting on Instagram
Parts of Instagram
The rights and responsibility of people creating for, contributing to and consuming on the internet.
Being a Good Digital Citizen On...
Digital Citizenship
Digital Footprint

This is where photos and videos will show up that are posted by people that you are following. You can like and comment on these posts by tapping the heart icon or the comment icon.
The Home Screen
This is where you can see who has liked or commented on your photos, requested to follow you, or tagged you on other posts. Also, you can view what posts the people you are following are liking or commenting on.
The Notifications
This screen is where pictures and videos will show up that are recommended for you, or popular. You can also search people, usernames, and hash tags here.
The Explore Screen
This is where you can view and edit you profile, including your profile picture, bio, and username. It is also where the pictures and videos that you post will show up. You can use the settings to make your profile private. You will also be able to see how many posts you have, how many people you are following, and how many people are following you.
The Profile Screen
Instagram is a fun and unique way to share your life with friends and family through pictures and videos. Snap a photo with your cellphone or iPod, then choose a filter to transform your image into a work of art.
This post is a good example of using Instagram in a positive, professional way. This company is using Instagram to promote their business.
This post is a good example for using Instagram for social purposes. The picture and caption are appropriate.
This post is a bad example of using Instagram in a social way. They picture is inappropriate in many ways, and could influence many people.
When posting on Instagram, make sure that you ask
yourself these questions:
Is it appropriate?
Who's going to see this?
Will this offend someone?
Am I posting this out of anger?
Am I revealing too much?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then ask
yourself if you still want to post it. Just remember, anyone can
see your post, and once it's out there, it can have huge effect
To post a picture on Instagram, tap the middle
icon, which is blue, on the bottom of you screen,
where you can then select your picture or video, and then
add filters and a caption before posting. You can also take
on your future, even affecting where you go to college.
pictures and videos directly on the Instagram app.
This post is a bad example of using Instagram in a professional way. Although the caption is appropriate, the merchandise is promoting smoking.
A "trail" that a person leaves when posting on the internet and social media.
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Grace & Myranda
Mrs. Fish's Class
Block 2
Posting Videos
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